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rvs.1.44 And, granting to PrasKanva lengthened days of life, show honour to the Heavenly Host.
rvs.1.87 Truthful art thou, and blameless, searcher out of sin: so thou, Strong Host, wilt be protector of
rvs.3.19 So bring Most Youthful One, the Gods assembly, the Heavenly Host which thou today- shalt honour.
rvs.8.44 Knowing the way, the Heavenly Host.
rvs.9.80 Thou, Soma, gladdening Indra, and the Heavenly Host, flowest as Pavamana like a rivers' wave.
rvs.9.84 Bestow on us today- wide room with happiness, and in tbine ample dwelling laud the Host of Heaven.
rvs.9.84 Host of Heaven.
rvs.9.88 7 Flow onward like the potent band of Maruts, like that Celestial Host whom none revileth.
rvs.10.63 9 In battles we invoke Indra still swift to hear, and all the holy Host of Heaven who banish grief,
rvs.10.64 Who will be gracious? Who of many give us bliss? Who out of all the Host will come to lend us aid?

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