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rvs.1.7 6 Unclose, our manly Hero, thou for ever bounteous, yonder cloud,
rvs.1.11 6 I, Hero, through thy bounties am come to the flood addressing thee.
rvs.1.25 5 When shall we bring, to be appeased, the Hero, Lord of warrior might,
rvs.1.29 4 Hero, let hostile spirits sleep, and every gentler genius wake:
rvs.1.30 5 O Hero, Lord of Bounties, praised in hymns, may power and joyfulness
rvs.1.30 9 I call him mighty to resist, the Hero of our ancient home,
rvs.1.32 6 He, like a mad weak warrior, challenged Indra, the great impetuous manyslaying- Hero.
rvs.1.40 And Gods bring to this rite which gives the fivefold- gift the Hero, lover of mankind.
rvs.1.53 Hero Lord,
rvs.1.59 6 Now will I tell the greatness of the Hero whom Purus' sons follow as Vrtras' slayer:
rvs.1.61 To reverence the Hero, bounteous Giver, famed far and wide, destroyer of the castles.
rvs.1.62 Let us sing glory to the farfamed- Hero who must be praised with fair hymns by the singer.
rvs.1.63 When, Hero, thou, greatsouled-, with easy conquest didst rend the Dasyus in their
rvs.1.63 Food wherewithal, O Hero, thou bestowest vigour itself to flow to us for ever.
rvs.1.77 4 May Agni, foedestroyer-, manliest Hero, accept with love our hymns and our devotion.
rvs.1.81 2 Thou, Hero, art a warrior, thou art giver of abundant spoil.
rvs.1.81 8 Refresh thee, Hero, with the juice outpoured for bounty and for strength.
rvs.1.100 8 To him the Hero, on high days of prowess, heroes for help and booty shall betake them.
rvs.1.103 The Hero, watching like a thief in ambush, goes parting the possessions of the godless.
rvs.1.104 the Hero,
rvs.1.129 3 Thou, Mighty, pourest forth the hide that holds the rain, thou keepest far away, Hero, the
rvs.1.129 Guide us, thou Hero, as of old, so art thou counted blameless still.
rvs.1.129 7 By thoughtful invocation this may we obtain, obtain great wealth, O Wealthy One, with Hero sons,
rvs.1.131 slay the man, Hero! with thy bolt.
rvs.1.132 5 When with wise plan the Hero leads the people forth, they conquer in the ordered battle, seeking
rvs.1.132 So may the Render rend our foes on every side, rend them, O Hero, everywhere.
rvs.1.133 Not slaying men, unconquered Hero with the brave, O Hero, with the thriceseven- brave.
rvs.1.155 1. To the great Hero, him who sets his mind thereon, and Visnu, praise aloud in song your draught
rvs.1.165 7 Yea, much hast thou achieved with us for comrades, with manly valour like thine own, thou Hero.
rvs.1.173 5 Praise thou that Indra who is truly mighty, the carborne- Warrior, Maghavan the Hero;
rvs.1.173 7 Thee, Hero, guardian of the brave in battles, who roamest in the van, to draw thee hither,
rvs.1.174 When over the flood thou broughtest them, O Hero, thou keptest Turvasa and Yadu safely.
rvs.1.175 3 Thou, Hero, winner of the spoil, urgest to speed the car of man.
rvs.1.178 3 Victorious with the men, Hero in battles, Indra, who hears the singers' supplication,
rvs.2.1 3 Hero of Heroes, Agni! Thou art Indra, thou art Visnu of the Mighty Stride, adorable:
rvs.2.11 2 Floods great and many, compassed by the Dragon, thou badest swell and settest free, O Hero.
rvs.2.11 3 For, Hero, in the lauds wherein thou joyedst, in hymns of praise, O Indra, songs of Rudras,
rvs.2.11 5 Hero, thou slewest in thy valour Ahi concealed in depths, mysterious, great enchanter,
rvs.2.11 11 Drink thou, O Hero Indra, drink the Soma; let the joygiving- juices make thee joyful.
rvs.2.11 17 Upon the great Trikadruka days, Hero, rejoicing thee, O Indra, drink the Soma.
rvs.2.11 18 Hero, assume the might wherewith thou clavest Vrtra piecemeal, the Danava Aurnavabha.
rvs.2.13 11 Meet for high praise, O Hero, is thy power, that with thy single wisdom thou obtainest wealth,
rvs.2.14 To drink of this the Hero longeth ever; offer it to the Bull, for this he willeth.
rvs.2.17 Hero who fortified his body in the wars, and through his greatness set the heaven upon his head.
rvs.2.18 Thou art to be invoked in many places Hero, rejoice thyself in this libation.
rvs.2.19 8 Thus the Grtsamadas for thee, O Hero, have wrought their hymn and task as seeking favour.
rvs.2.30 10 Perform, O Hero, with our valiant heroes the deeds heroic which thou hast to finish.
rvs.2.33 Gracious to our fleet courser be the Hero may we transplant us, Rudra, in our children.
rvs.3.29 This Agni is the battlewinning- Hero by whom the Gods have overcome the Dasyus.
rvs.3.30 Yea, bring thou near us from the airs' midregion- strength, on thy car, and wholesome food, O Hero.
rvs.3.30 Hero, whose might is true, thy home is heaven: to us, O Maghavan, grant gifts of cattle.
rvs.3.30 22 Call we on Maghavan, auspicious Indra, best Hero in this fight where spoil is gathered,
rvs.3.31 The Hero with young followers fought and conquered, and straightway Angiras was singing praises,
rvs.3.31 22 Call we on Maghavan, auspicious Indra, best Hero in this fight where spoil is gathered.
rvs.3.32 17 Call we on Maghavan, auspicious Indra, best Hero in this fight where spoil is gathered,
rvs.3.34 2 I stimulate thy zeal, the Strong, the Hero decking my song of praise forth; Immortal.
rvs.3.34 11 Call we on Maghavan, auspicious Indra, best Hero in the fight where spoil is gathered,
rvs.3.35 11 Call we on Maghavan, auspicious Indra, best Hero in the fight where spoil is gathered,
rvs.3.36 11 Call we on Indra, Maghavan, auspicious, best Hero in the fight where spoil is gathered,
rvs.3.38 10 Call we on Indra, Maghavan, auspicious, best Hero in the fight where spoil is gathered,
rvs.3.39 9 Call we on Maghavan, auspicious Indra, best Hero in the fight where spoil is gathered,
rvs.3.41 Hero, enjoy the offered cake.
rvs.3.43 8 Call we on Indra, Makhavan, auspicious, best Hero in the fight where spoil is gathered;
rvs.3.46 This they send forth to thee, this, vigorous Hero! Adhvaryus purify for thee to drink of.
rvs.3.47 2 Indra, accordant, with the banded Maruts, drink Soma, Hero, as wise Vrtraslayer-.
rvs.3.48 5 Call we on Maghavan, auspicious Indra, best Hero in the fight where spoil is gathered;
rvs.3.49 5 Call we on Maghavan, auspicious Indra, best Hero in the fight where spoil is gathered;
rvs.3.50 5 Call we on Maghavan, auspicious Indra, best Hero in the fight where spoil is gathered;
rvs.3.51 2 To Indra from all sides go forth my songs of praise, the Lord of Hundred Powers, strong, Hero,
rvs.3.51 Under thy guidance, in thy keeping, Hero, the singers serve, skilled in fair sacrifices.
rvs.3.52 Eat thou the mealcake-, banded with the Maruts, wise Hero, Vrtraslayer-, drink the Soma.
rvs.3.52 8 Bring forth the roasted corn to meet him quickly, cake for the bravest Hero mid the heroes.
rvs.3.53 21 With various aids this day come to us, Indra, with best aids speed us, Maghavan, thou Hero.
rvs.3.55 The Hero is renowned for gathering riches. Great is the Gods supreme and sole dominion.
rvs.4.3 15 Through these our songs of praise be gracious, Agni; moved by our prayers, O Hero, touch our
rvs.4.16 2 Unyoke, as at thy journeys' end, O Hero, to gladden thee today at this libation.
rvs.4.16 Thou sentest forth the waters of the ocean, as Lord through power and might, O daring Hero.
rvs.4.16 17 When the sharppointed- arrow, O thou Hero, flieth mid any conflict of the people,
rvs.4.21 1. MAY Indra come to us for our protection; here be the Hero, praised, our feastcompanion-.
rvs.4.22 That thou, O Hero, bold and boldly daring, didst with thy bolt, by strength, destroy the Dragon.
rvs.4.24 For he the Hero, gives the singer treasures: he is the Lord who sends us gifts, ye people.
rvs.4.25 Who sayeth, Let us press the juice for Indra, mans' Friend, the Hero manliest of heroes.
rvs.4.25 6 This Hero curbs the mighty for the zealous: the pressers' brew Indra possesses solely:
rvs.4.27 The best of sweet meath which the priests have offered: that Indra to his joy may drink, the Hero,
rvs.4.32 Hero, thy bounty let us share.
rvs.5.30 1. WHERE is that Hero? Who hath looked on Indra borne on lightrolling- car by Tawny Coursers,
rvs.5.31 5 When heroes sang their laud to thee the Hero, Indra! and stones and Aditi accordant,
rvs.5.32 Him, after loudvoiced- threats, the Hero Indra, rejoicing in the poured libation, slaughtered.
rvs.5.33 For Surya in his own abode thou, Hero, formedst in fights even a Dasas' nature.
rvs.5.33 7 Thus favour us, O Indra, with ihy succour; Hero, protect the bards who sing thy praises.
rvs.5.35 2 Indra, whatever aids be thine, four be they, or, O Hero, three,
rvs.5.36 2 Lord of Bay Horses, Hero, may the Soma rise to thy cheeks and jaws like mountainridges-.
rvs.5.38 Indra, may we be guarded well, Hero, may we be guarded well.
rvs.5.50 3 So further honour as our guests the Hero Gods and then the Dames.
rvs.6.3 7 Like Heavens' when scattering beams his voice was uttered: among the plants the radiant Hero
rvs.6.15 11 Him, Agni, thou deliverest and savest who brings him prayer to thee the Wise, O Hero,
rvs.6.16 Yea, Divodasas' Hero Lord.
rvs.6.17 2 Drink it thou God who art impetuous victor, Lord of our hymns, with beauteousjaws, the Hero,
rvs.6.17 Eager and prompt at will, wherewith thou crushedst the boasting Dragon, O impetuous Hero.
rvs.6.17 13 So may our new prayer bring thee to protect us, thee wellarmed- Hero with thy bolt of thunder,
rvs.6.18 2 He, Champion, Hero, Warrior, Lord of battles, impetuous, loudly roaring, great destroyer,
rvs.6.19 6 Bring unto us the mightiest might, O Hero, strong and most potent force, thou great Subduer!
rvs.6.19 Slaying both kinds of foe, may we, O Hero, be happy, helped by thee, with ample riches.
rvs.6.20 What time, O Hero, over the sea thou broughtest, in safety broughtest Turvasa and Yadu.
rvs.6.21 1. THESE the most constant singers' invocations call thee who art to be invoked, O Hero;
rvs.6.21 Hero, to whom the prayer is brought, we praise thee as great for that wherein we know thee mighty.
rvs.6.21 8 Hear, too, the prayer of this thy present beadsman, O Indra, Hero, cherishing the singer.
rvs.6.22 The Lord, the Mighty One, of manly vigour, victorious, Hero, true, and full of wisdom.
rvs.6.24 2 He, Friend of man, most wise, victorious Hero, hears, with farreaching- aid, the singer call him.
rvs.6.24 3 The lofty axle of thy wheels, O Hero, is not surpassed by heaven and earth in greatness.
rvs.6.26 5 Thou madest good the laud, what time thou rentest a hundred thousand fighting foes, O Hero,
rvs.6.29 6 So be the lofty Indra prompt to listen, Helper unaided, goldenvisored- Hero.
rvs.6.31 5 As such, true Hero, for great joy of battle mount thy terrific car, O Brave and Manly.
rvs.6.32 1. I WITH my lips have fashioned for this Hero words never matched, most plentiful and auspicious,
rvs.6.33 1. GIVE us the rapture that is mightiest, Indra, prompt to bestow and swift to aid, O Hero,
rvs.6.33 3 Both races, Indra, of opposing foemen, O Hero, both the Arya and the Dasa,
rvs.6.33 When, fighting for the sunlight, we invoke thee, O Hero, in the fray, in wars' division.
rvs.6.35 5 Lead otherwise this present foeman, Sakra! Hence art thou praised as Hero, foe destroyer
rvs.6.37 Best Vrtraslayer- be the Hero Indra these things he gives as Prince, with strong endeavour.
rvs.6.42 The Wanderer who comes with speed, the Hero ever in the van.
rvs.6.44 The Hero Indra, conquering all, Most Bounteous, God of all the tribes.
rvs.6.44 11 Give us not up, Strong Hero! to the hungry: unharmed be we whom thou, so rich, befriendest.
rvs.6.44 Proclaim aloud to him the savoury Soma so that the Hero, strong of jaw, may drink it.
rvs.6.44 17 Therewith enraptured, Hero, slay our foemen, the unfriendly, Maghavan be they kin or strangers,
rvs.6.45 The Hero, conquering in the fight.
rvs.6.45 22 Sing this, what time the ' juice is pressed, to him your Hero, Muchinvoked-,
rvs.6.47 6 Drink Soma boldly from the beaker, Indra, in war for treasures, Hero, Vrtraslayer-!
rvs.6.47 11 Indra the Rescuer, Indra the Helper, Hero who listens at each invocation,
rvs.6.47 16 Famed is the Hero as each strong mans' tamer, ever advancing one and then another.
rvs.6.47 The Hero slew the meanlyhuckstering- Dasas, Varcin and Sambara, where the waters gather.
rvs.6.48 3 Agni, thou beamest forth with light, great Hero, never changed by time.
rvs.6.49 12 Even as the herdsman driveth home his cattle, I urge my songs to him the strong swift Hero
rvs.6.50 6 With a new hymn extol, O thou who singest, the Lover of the Song, the Hero Indra.
rvs.7.3 They kindle him, a guest within his dwelling: bright shines the splendour of the worshipped Hero.
rvs.7.10 Pure in his splendour shines the golden Hero: our longing thoughts hath he aroused and wakened.
rvs.7.18 As the skilled priest clips grass within the chamber, so hath the Hero Indra, wrought their
rvs.7.19 Favour these, Indra, when they fight with faemen, as Friend and Hero and the heroes' Helper.
rvs.7.20 2 Waxing greatness Indra slayeth Vrtra: the Hero with his aid hath helped the singer.
rvs.7.20 3 Soldier unchecked, warrousing-, battling Hero, unconquered from of old, victorious ever,
rvs.7.20 He who is Chief of men, their armies' Leader, is strong Hero, bold, and fain for booty.
rvs.7.21 3 Indra, thou settest free the many waters that were encompassed, Hero, by the Dragon.
rvs.7.22 7 All these libations are for thee, O Hero: to thee I offer these my prayers. that strengthen.
rvs.7.23 Alone among the Gods thou pitiest mortals: O Hero, make thee glad at this libation.
rvs.7.25 4 I wait the power of one like thee, O Indra, gifts of a Helper such as thou art, Hero.
rvs.7.25 Make our foes ever easy to be vanquished: may we, victorious, win the spoil, O Hero.
rvs.7.26 5 Thus, to bring help to men, Vasistha laudeth Indra, the peoples' Hero, at libation.
rvs.7.27 Hero, rejoicing in thy might, in combat give us a portion of the stall of cattle,
rvs.7.29 2 Come to us quickly with thy Bay Steeds, Hero, come to our prayer, accepting our devotion.
rvs.7.30 Hero.
rvs.7.32 Be thou the gracious helper, Hero I of our cars, be thou the helper of our men.
rvs.7.32 22 Like kine unmilked we call aloud, Hero, to thee, and sing thy praise,
rvs.7.32 With thine assistance, Hero, may we ass through all the waters that are rulng‘ down.
rvs.7.36 Voracious, with thy noble car, O Hero, him who defeats the wrath of the malicious.
rvs.7.36 8 Bring ye the great Aramati before you, and Pusan as the Hero of the synod,
rvs.7.56 24 Ours, O ye Maruts, be the vigorous Hero, the Lord Divine of men, the strong Sustainer,
rvs.7.84 For the Aditya, banisher of falsehood, the Hero, dealeth wealth in boundless plenty.
rvs.8.1 Yet once in thy great bounty may we have delight, O Hero, after praising thee.
rvs.8.2 And curd, to cheer the Hero best.
rvs.8.2 23 O presser, offer Soma first to Indra, Hero, Sakra, him
rvs.8.2 The Brave, the Hero, for his joy.
rvs.8.2 36 The Sage who, winning spoil with steeds, slays Vrtra, Hero with the men,
rvs.8.4 May we see Turvasa and Yadu: thy great deed, O Hero, must be glorified.
rvs.8.4 8 On his left hip the Hero hath reclined himself: the proffered feast offends him not.
rvs.8.16 8 Meet to be lauded and invoked, true Hero with his deeds of might,
rvs.8.21 8 Hero, we knew thy friendship and thy rich rewards: these, Thunderer, now we crave of thee.
rvs.8.21 11 Hero, may we, with thee for Friend, withstand the man who pants against us in his wrath,
rvs.8.23 14 O Hero Agni, Lord of men, on hearing this new laud of mine,
rvs.8.24 Thou, Hero, in rich gifts surpassest wealthy chiefs.
rvs.8.24 8 May we, O Vrtraslayer-, O Hero, find this thy newest boon, Longedfor-, and excellent, thou who
rvs.8.24 15 Never was any Hero born before thee mightier than thou:
rvs.8.24 So is the Hero praised who ever prospers us.
rvs.8.24 19 Come, sing we praise to Indra, friends, the Hero who deserves the laud,
rvs.8.24 O valiant Hero, bend the Dasas’ weapon down.
rvs.8.32 5 Rejoicing in the Somadraughts-, Hero, burst open, like a fort,
rvs.8.32 24 Now to the Hero fair of cheek, Adhvaryu, pour the Soma forth:
rvs.8.33 3 Boldly, Bold Hero, bring us spoil in thousands for the Kanvas' sake.
rvs.8.34 14 Disclose to us O Hero, wealth in thousands both of kine and steeds.
rvs.8.40 2 We set no snares to tangle you; Indra we worship and adore, Hero of heroes mightiest.
rvs.8.40 Lord of the Bay Steeds, Hinvas' Son. To a Good Hero come our prayers, which soon shall have
rvs.8.40 10 Inspire him with your holy hymns, the Hero bright and glorious,
rvs.8.40 11 Inspire him worshipped with fair rites, the glorious Hero truly brave.
rvs.8.45 21 To Indra sing a song of praise, Hero of mighty valour, him
rvs.8.45 22 Hero, the Soma being shed, I pour the juice for thee to drink:
rvs.8.45 34 Not for one trespass, not for two, O Hero, slay us, nor for three,
rvs.8.45 38 Hero, insatiate enjoy this Soma juice so near to thee,
rvs.8.46 11 For, Hero, nowhere can I find the bounds of thy munificence.
rvs.8.46 14 In the wild raptures of the juice sing to your Hero with high laud, to him the Wise,
rvs.8.50 For after thee we follow even as glorious bliss, thee, Hero, finderout- of wealth.
rvs.8.51 Even malignity will consent, O Boltarmed- Hero, unto us.
rvs.8.52 11 Yea, Hero, with the singers we sing to the dulycoming- Band.
rvs.8.55 5 Hero whom many praise, what thou hast longed for, oven of old, from men.
rvs.8.59 6 Thou, Hero, hast performed thy hero deeds with might, yea, all with strength, O Strongest One.
rvs.8.59 9 O Vasu, O thou Hero, raise us up to ample opulence.
rvs.8.59 Guard thyself, valiant Hero, in thy vital parts: strike down the Dasa with thy blows.
rvs.8.67 Hundreds of kine, O Hero, bring.
rvs.8.67 4 None other is there for the priest, Hero! but thou, to give him gifts,
rvs.8.70 3 Hero, when thou art fain to give, neither may Gods nor mortal men
rvs.8.75 4 And that Impetuous Hero, winner of the spoil, though he is far away, we call to succour us,
rvs.8.81 15 So, Hero, guard us with thy care, with thy most liberal providence,
rvs.8.81 23 Thou, wakeful Hero, by thy might hast taken food of Soma juice,
rvs.8.81 28 For so thou art the heros' Friend, a Hero, too, art thou, and strong:
rvs.8.82 1. SURYA, thou mountest up to meet the Hero famous for his wealth,
rvs.8.82 A vigorous Hero shall he be.
rvs.8.82 19 O Hero, with that aid dost thou delight us, with what succour bring
rvs.8.82 20 With whose libation joys the Strong, the Hero with his team who quells
rvs.8.85 Neither might God nor mortal man accomplish what the Strong Hero wrought in fullgrown- vigour.
rvs.8.85 Weaponless are the Asuras, the godless: scatter them with thy wheel, Impetuous Hero.
rvs.8.85 He only doth great deeds, the only Hero, sole Vrtraslayer- he, with none beside him.
rvs.8.86 10 Of one accord they made and formed for kingship Indra, the Hero who in all encounters
rvs.8.86 15 May thy truth, Indra, Wondrous Hero be my guard: bear me over much woe, Thunderer! as over
rvs.8.87 8 As rivers swell the ocean, so, Hero, our prayers increase thy might,
rvs.8.93 6 With homage have we sought thee as a Hero, strong, preeminent, with unfailing wealth.
rvs.8.94 6 Praise the strong, grasping Hero, winner of the spoil, ruling supreme oer mighty wealth.
rvs.8.94 9 O gracious Hero, may we learn anew to know thee as thou art:
rvs.9.1 The Hero, pours his wealth on us.
rvs.9.15 1. THROUGH the fine fingers, with the song, this Hero comes with rapid ears,
rvs.9.23 Brave Hero who repels the curse.
rvs.9.35 3 With thee for Hero, Valiant One! may we subdue our enemies:
rvs.9.44 And Hero, lead us to the Gods.
rvs.9.70 Skilled, bear us past, as in a boat over water: as battling Hero save us from the foeman.
rvs.9.81 When they, brought forward with the lovely curd of kine, effused, have cheered the Hero to bestow
rvs.9.89 First, Hero in the fight, he seeks the cattle, and with his eye the Steer is our protector.
rvs.9.94 3 When the sage bears his holy wisdom round him, like a car visiting all worlds, the Hero,
rvs.9.96 1. IN forefront of the cars forth goes the Hero, the Leader, winning spoil: his host rejoices.
rvs.9.97 Flow to the songinspiring- carborne- Hero, to mighty Indra, him who wields the thunder.
rvs.9.101 15 That Hero who produces strength, he who hath propped both worlds apart,
rvs.9.110 So, Hero, urge us onward to heroic power.
rvs.10.22 9 Hero with Heroes, thou art ours: yea, strong are they whom thou dost help.
rvs.10.22 11 Swift come those gifts of thine whose hand is prompt to rend and burn, O Hero Thunderarmed-:
rvs.10.22 12 Let not thine excellent assistance come to us, O Hero Indra, profitless.
rvs.10.22 15 Drink, drink the Soma, Hero Indra; be not withheld as thou art good, O Treasuregiver-.
rvs.10.28 Speaking like man, mete to us wealth and booty: in heaven thou hast the name and fame of Hero.
rvs.10.29 2 May we, when this Dawn and the next dance hither, be thy best servants, most heroic Hero!
rvs.10.38 Indra, famed Hero, winner in the deadly strife, let us bring hitherward today- to favour us.
rvs.10.42 Make thou the Hero haste to give us riches even as a vessel filled brimful with treasure.
rvs.10.42 Him who brings gifts the Hero makes his comrade: with him who pours no juice he seeks not
rvs.10.47 Because we know thee, Hero, Lord of cattle: vouchsafe us mighty and resplendent riches.
rvs.10.50 Hero, Lord of the brave, all cars are thy delight, warring with Vrtra, or for waters, or for spoil.
rvs.10.55 6 Strong is the Red Bird in his strength, great Hero, who from of old hath had no nest to dwell in.
rvs.10.55 The Hero, waxing, after draughts of Soma, blew far from heaven the Dasyus with his weapon.
rvs.10.73 There, even there, the Maruts strengthened Indra when. his most rapid Mother stirred the Hero.
rvs.10.73 Thou hadst a thousand treasures in possession. The Asvins, O thou Hero, gave thee riches.
rvs.10.98 Hero, with these increase thy many bodies, and, stimulated, send us rain from heaven.
rvs.10.103 With eyes that close not, bellowing, Sole Hero, Indra. subdued at once a hundred armies.
rvs.10.103 7 Piercing the cowstalls- with surpassing vigour, Indra, the pitiless Hero, wild with anger,
rvs.10.104 11 Call we on Maghavan, auspicious Indra. best Hero in this fight where spoil is gathered,
rvs.10.105 6 The Mighty sang with Lofty Ones: the Hero fashioned with his strength,
rvs.10.111 Let us draw Indra with true deeds anear us: he loves our songs, the Hero, and is potent.
rvs.10.112 Rejoice, that thou mayst slay our foes, O Hero, and we with lauds will tell thy mighty exploits.
rvs.10.113 4 Soon as he sprang to life he forced asun. der hosts: forward the Hero looked to manly deed and
rvs.10.114 Which ministering priest is called eighth Hero? Who then hath tracked the two Bay Steeds of Indra?
rvs.10.131 Hero, drive off our northern foes and southern, that we in thy wide shelter may be joyful.
rvs.10.148 2 Sublime from birth, mayst thou O Indra, Hero, with Surya overcome the Dasa races.
rvs.10.148 4 These holy prayers, O Indra, have I sung thee: grant to the men the strength of men, thou Hero.
rvs.10.159 That I may hold imperial sway over this Hero and the folk.

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