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rvs.1.80 2 The mighty flowing Somadraught-, brought by the Hawk, hath gladdened thee,
rvs.5.44 11 The Hawk is their full source, girthstretching- rapturous drink of Visvavara, of Mayin, and
rvs.6.20 6 As the Hawk rent for him the stalk that gladdens, he wrenched the head from Namuci the Dasa.
rvs.8.71 9 That which the Hawk brought in his claw, inviolate, through the air to thee,
rvs.9.89 Sped by the Hawk the drop hath waxed in waters: the father drains it, drains the Fathers'
rvs.9.96 19 Hawk seated in the bowls, Bird wideextended-, the Banner seeking kine and wielding weapons,
rvs.10.99 When the Hawk comes in body to the Soma, armed with his iron claws he slays the Dasyus.
rvs.10.144 looked down upon the restless Hawk.

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