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rvs.1.129 Guide us, thou Hero, as of old, so art thou counted blameless still.
rvs.6.23 3 Let Indra drink the pressedout- Soma, Helper and mighty Guide of him who sings his praises.
rvs.6.61 14 Guide us, Sarasvati, to glorious treasure: refuse us not thy milk, nor spurn us from thee.
rvs.7.32 Guide us, O Muchinvoked-, in this our way may we still live and look upon the light.
rvs.7.77 She hath beamed forth lovely with golden colours, Mother of kine, Guide of the days she bringeth.
rvs.8.24 All that concerneth us, Excellent, Mighty Guide.
rvs.8.24 22 As Vyasva did, praise Indra, praise the Strong unfluctuating Guide,
rvs.8.44 27 To Agni let us haste with lauds, the Guide of sacrificial rites,
rvs.8.46 1. WE, Indra, Lord of ample wealth, our Guide, depend on one like thee,
rvs.8.58 He, the swift Guide, is that fair form that loosed the horses near at hand.

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