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rvs.10.107 Great light hath come, vouchsafed us by the Fathers: apparent is the spacious path of Guerdon.
rvs.10.107 Yea, many men with hands stretched out with Guerdon present their gifts because they dread
rvs.10.107 They satisfy and give their gifts in synod, and pour in streams the sevenmothered- Guerdon.
rvs.10.107 5 He who brings Guerdon comes as first invited: chief of the hamlet comes the Guerdonbearer-.
rvs.10.107 Him I account the ruler of the people who was the first to introduce the Guerdon.
rvs.10.107 The brightlyshining- Gods' three forms he knoweth who first bestowed the sacrificial Guerdon.
rvs.10.107 7 Guerdon bestows the horse, bestows the bullock, Guerdon bestows, moreover, gold that Rsisters.
rvs.10.107 Guerdon gives food which is our life and spirit. He who is wise takes Guerdon for his armour.
rvs.10.107 The light of heaven, the universe about us, all this doth sacrificial Guerdon give them.
rvs.10.107 11 Steeds good at draught convey the liberal giver, and lightly rolling moves the car of Guerdon.

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