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rvs.1.60 5 As such we Gotamas with hymns extol thee, O Agni, as the guardian Lord of riches,
rvs.1.61 16 Thus to thee, Indra, yoker of Bay Coursers, the Gotamas have brought their prayers to please
rvs.1.62 13 O mighty Indra, Gotamas' son Nodhas hath fashioned this new prayer to thee Eternal,
rvs.1.63 9 Prayers have been made by Gotamas, O Indra, addressed to thee, with laud for thy Bay Horses.
rvs.1.77 5 Thus Agni Jatavedas, true to Order, hath by the priestly Gotamas been lauded.
rvs.1.78 1. O JATAVEDAS, keen and swift, we Gotamas with sacred song exalt thee for thy glories' sake.
rvs.1.88 The Gotamas making their prayer with singing have pushed the wells' lid up to drink the water.
rvs.1.92 7 The Gotamas have praised Heavens' radiant Daughter, the leader of the charm of pleasant voices.
rvs.4.32 9 The Gotamas have sung their song of praise to thee that thou mayst give,
rvs.4.32 12 Indra, the Gotamas who bring thee praises have grown strong by thee.
rvs.8.77 Hither may this our hymn attract thee to our help, the hymn which Gotamas have made.

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