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rvs.1.78 2 Thee, as thou art, desiring wealth Gotama worships with his song:
rvs.1.79 10 O Gotama, desiring bliss present thy songs composed with care
rvs.1.85 thirsting Gotama.
rvs.1.88 5 No hymn way ever known like this aforetime which Gotama sang forth for you, O Maruts,
rvs.1.116 Streams flowed for folk of Gotama who thirsted, like rain to bring forth thousandfold abundance.
rvs.1.183 5 Gotama, Purumilha, Atri bringing oblations all invoke you for protection.
rvs.4.4 11 Through words and kinship I destroy the mighty: this power I have from Gotama my father.

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