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rvs.1.96 Golden between the heaven and earth he shineth. The Gods possessed the wealth bestowing Agni.
rvs.1.139 So in the seats wherein ye dwell have we beheld the Golden One,
rvs.2.27 9 Golden and splendid, pure like streams of water, they hold aloft the three bright heavenly
rvs.2.35 10 Golden in form is he, like gold to look on, his colour is like gold, the Son of Waters.
rvs.4.58 I look upon the streams of oil descending, and lo! the Golden Reed is there among them.
rvs.5.38 Is bruited as most widely famed, invincible, O Golden hued!
rvs.6.66 Golden and dustless were their cars, invested with their great strength and their heroic vigour.
rvs.7.34 4 Set ye for him the coursers to the pole: like Indra Thunderer is the Golden armed.
rvs.7.45 2 Golden, sublime, and easy in their motion, his arms extend unto the bounds of heaven.
rvs.7.63 4 Golden, far seeing, from the heaven he riseth: far is his goal, he hasteth on resplendent.
rvs.7.87 The wise King Varuna hath made in heaven that Golden Swing to cover it with glory.
rvs.8.5 29 Golden is its supporting shaft, the axle also is of gold,
rvs.9.70 8 Bright, making pure his body free from spot and stain, on the sheep s back the Golden coloured
rvs.9.86 When on the sieve the Golden hued is cleansed, he rests within the vats as one who seats him in
rvs.9.86 Golden hued
rvs.9.86 The Golden hued is poured forth, with his hundred streams, Wealth bringer, lifting up his voice
rvs.9.97 He with the sharpened horns brings forth abundance: the Silvery shines by night, by day the Golden.
rvs.9.99 What time the sacrificer s thoughts speed on his way the Golden hued.
rvs.9.100 7 The mothers, void of guiles, caress thee Golden coloured, in the sieve,
rvs.9.103 Golden hued Soma, being cleansed, hath reached the bowls.
rvs.9.113 The juices of the juicy meet. Made pure by prayer, O Golden hued, flow, Indu, flow for Indra s
rvs.10.96 All that befits thy song of praise thou welcornest, the perfect pleasant gift, O Golden hued from

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