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rvs.8.43 4 Gold coloured, bannered with the smoke, urged by the wind, aloft to heaven
rvs.9.66 Gold gleaming with the Marut host,
rvs.9.71 Gold hued, he makes the cloud his diadem, the milk his carpet in both worlds, and prayer his robe
rvs.9.72 1. THEY cleanse the Gold hued: like a red Steed is he yoked, and Soma in the jar is mingled with
rvs.9.72 Plans thou fulfillest, gatherest thoughts for sacrifice: in the bowls sits the Gold hued like a
rvs.9.76 The Gold hued, started like a courser by brave men, impetuously winneth splendour in the streams.
rvs.9.95 2 As one who rows drives on his boat, he, Gold hued, sends forth his voice, loosed on the path of
rvs.9.97 6 Flow, Gold hued, cleansing thee, to enrich the singer: let thy juice go to Indra to support him.
rvs.9.101 Gold hued, hath wrapped him in the sieve, to settle, priest like, in his place.
rvs.9.103 The Gold hued, purified, makes him three seats for rest.
rvs.9.106 13 Gold hued and lovely in his course, througb tangles of the wool he flows,
rvs.9.109 12 They deck the Gold hued Infant, newlyborn, even Soma, Indu, in the sieve for Gods.

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