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rvs.1.13 9 Ila, Sarasvati, Mahi, three Goddesses who bring delight,
rvs.1.22 11 Spouses of Heroes, Goddesses, with whole wings may they come to us
rvs.1.23 18 I call the Waters, Goddesses, wherein our cattle quench their thirst;
rvs.1.106 3 May the most glorious Fathers aid us, and the two Goddesses, Mothers of the Gods, who strengthen
rvs.1.124 Goddesses, may we win by your good favour wealth to be told by hundreds and by thousands.
rvs.1.160 Two Bowls of noble kind: between these Goddesses the God, the fulgent Sun, travels by fixed decree.
rvs.2.3 5 Wide be the Doors, the Goddesses, thrown open, easy to pass, invoked, through adorations,
rvs.2.3 Three Goddesses, with power inherent, seated, protect this holy Grass, our flawless refuge!
rvs.2.31 4 Or may this Tvastar, God who rules the world with power, oneminded- with the Goddesses speed
rvs.2.31 5 Or, seen alternate, those two blessed Goddesses, Morning and Night who stir all living things to
rvs.2.35 5 To him three Dames are offering food to feed him, Goddesses to the God whom none may injure.
rvs.2.36 And, Tvastar, wellcontent- be joyful in the juice with Gods and Goddesses in gladsome company.
rvs.2.41 16 Best Mother, best of Rivers, best of Goddesses, Sarasvati, We are, as it were, of no repute and
rvs.3.4 Sarasvati with all her kindred Rivers, come to this grass, Three Goddesses, and seat them.
rvs.3.7 2 The Male who dwells in heaven hath Mares and Milchkine: he came to Goddesses who bring sweet
rvs.3.25 3 Agni, infallible, lights Earth and Heaven, immortal Goddesses gracious to all men,
rvs.3.32 With flying weapon where he lay, O Indra, and, godless, kept the Goddesses encompassed.
rvs.3.56 The Goddesses, the Waters, stayed to meet him: they who were wandering separate enclosed him.
rvs.4.3 12 By Law the Immortal Goddesses the Waters, with meathrich- waves, O Agni, and uninjured,
rvs.4.5 When will the Goddesses, the Immortals' Spouses, the Dawns, spread over us the SunGods-' splendour?
rvs.4.22 7 With joy, O Indra, Lord of Tawny Coursers, the Sisters then, these Goddesses, extolled thee,
rvs.4.51 4 O Goddesses, is this your car, I ask you, ancient this day, or is it new, ye Mornings,
rvs.4.51 5 With horses harnessed by eternal Order, Goddesses, swiftly round the worlds ye travel,
rvs.4.51 10 O Goddesses, O Heavens' refulgent Daughters, bestow upon us wealth with store of children.
rvs.4.55 6 Agree, through these our watery oblations, Goddesses, Heaven and Earth, with Ahibudhnya.
rvs.4.56 2 The Goddesses with Gods, holy with holy, the Two stand pouring out their rain, exhaustless:
rvs.5.5 8 Ila, Sarasvati, Mahi, three Goddesses who bring us weal,
rvs.5.32 Even these Twain, these Goddesses, through terror of Indras' might, retire from his dominion.
rvs.5.46 Grant us protection, O ye gracious Goddesses, ye who are on the earth or in the waters' realm.
rvs.5.46 May Rodasi and Varunani hear us, and Goddesses come at the Matrons' season.
rvs.6.44 5 Those Goddesses, both Heaven and Earth, revere the power and might of him,
rvs.7.2 Sarasvati with all her kindred Rivers, come to this grass, Three Goddesses, and seat them.
rvs.7.47 3 Allpurifying-, joying in their nature, to paths of Gods the Goddesses move onward.
rvs.7.49 Indra, the Bull, the Thunderer, dug their channels: here let those Waters, Goddesses, protect me.
rvs.7.49 Bright, purifying, speeding to the Ocean, here let those Waters. Goddesses, protect me.
rvs.7.49 Distilling meath, the bright, the purifying, here let those Waters, Goddesses, protect me.
rvs.7.49 They into whom Vaisvanara Agni entered, here let those Waters, Goddesses, protect Me.
rvs.7.50 May those who swell with water, gracious Goddesses, never afflict us with the Sipada disease, may
rvs.8.69 10 Ekadyu hath exalted you, Immortals: both Goddesses and Gods hath he delighted.
rvs.8.82 12 And both these Goddesses, Earth, Heaven, Lord of the beauteous helm! revere
rvs.9.5 8 This, Pavamanas' sacrifice, shall the three beauteous Goddesses,
rvs.9.9 Hath satisfied the Goddesses
rvs.9.69 4 The Bull is bellowing; the Cows are coming nigh: the Goddesses approach the Gods' own
rvs.9.98 Hillhaunting- God the Goddesses. They bruised him where the roar was loud.
rvs.10.9 4 The Waters. be to us for drink, Goddesses for our aid and bliss:
rvs.10.17 For, Goddesses, they bear off all defilement: I, rise up from them purified and brightened.
rvs.10.64 10 And let Brhaddiva, the Mother, hear our call, and Tvastar, Father, with the Goddesses and Dames.
rvs.10.64 14 The Mothers, Heaven and Earth, those mighty Goddesses, worthy of sacrifice, ecune with the race
rvs.10.70 6 Here in this shrine may Dawn and Night, the Daughters of Heaven, the skilful Goddesses, be
rvs.10.70 8 On our wide grass, Three Goddesses be seated: for you have we prepared and made it pleasant.
rvs.10.97 4 Plants, by this name I speak to you, Mothers, to you the Goddesses:
rvs.10.110 So let Sarasvati and both her fellows, deft Goddesses, on this fair grass be seated.

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