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rvs.1.164 23 How on the Gayatri the Gayatri was based, how from the Tristup they fashioned the Tristup forth,
rvs.1.164 24 With Gayatri he measures out the praisesong-, Sama with praisesong-, triplet with the Tristup.
rvs.1.164 Gayatri hath, they say, three brands for kindling: hence it excels in majesty and vigour.
rvs.2.43 He, like: a Samachanter- utters both the notes, skilled in the mode of Trstup and of Gayatri.
rvs.8.38 6 Accept this eulogy of mine whose model is the Gayatri:
rvs.10.14 The Gayatri, the Trstup, all metres in Yama are contained.
rvs.10.130 4 Closely was Gayatri conjoined with Agni, and closely Savitar combined with Usnih.

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