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rvs.2.20 7 Indra the Vrtra slayer, Fort destroyer, scattered the Dasa hosts who dwelt in darkness.
rvs.3.54 Lord of brave hosts, Fort crusher, Vrtra slayer, gather thou up and bring us store of cattle.
rvs.5.30 So Indra drank thereof, the Fort destroyer, and gave him guerdon, in return, of milch kine.
rvs.6.32 And broken down the forts, the Fort destroyer, a Friend with friends, a Sage among the sages.
rvs.7.6 I laud his deeds who is as strong as Indra, and lauding celebrate the Fort destroyer.
rvs.7.6 I decorate with songs the mighty actions which Agni, Fort destroyer, did aforetime.
rvs.8.1 Haste, Warrior, Fort destroyer, Lord of battle s din, haste, holy songs have sounded forth.
rvs.8.50 With singers hymns have we brought the Fort render near, singing to Indra for his grace.
rvs.9.88 4 Like Indra who hath done great deeds, thou, Soma, art slayer of the Vrtras, Fort destroyer.
rvs.10.46 5 The foolish brought the Never bewildered forward, great, Victor, Song inspirer, Fort destroyer.
rvs.10.111 10 Yearning together they have sped to Sindhu: the Fort destroyer, praised, of old, hath loved

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