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rvs.1.28 6 O Sovran of the Forest, as the wind blows soft in front of thee,
rvs.1.28 8 Ye Sovrans of the Forest, both swift, with swift pressers press today-
rvs.3.8 1. GODSERVING- men, O Sovran of the Forest, with heavenly meath at sacrifice anoint thee.
rvs.3.8 3 Lord of the Forest, raise. thyself up on the loftiest spot of earth.
rvs.3.8 6, Ye whom religious men have firmly planted; thou Forest Sovran whom the axe hath fashioned,
rvs.10.101 Lay in the wood the Soviran of the Forest, and sink the well although ye do not dig it.
rvs.10.146 Or else at eve the Lady of the Forest seems to free the wains.
rvs.10.146 6 Now have I praised the Forest Queen, sweetscented-, redolent of balm,

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