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rvs.1.63 Food wherewithal, O Hero, thou bestowest vigour itself to flow to us for ever.
rvs.1.162 10 Food undigested steaming from his belly, and any odour of raw flesh remaining,
rvs.1.187 HYMN CLXXXVII. Praise of Food. 187
rvs.1.187 1. Now will I glorify Food that upholds great strength,
rvs.1.187 2 O pleasant Food, O Food of meath, thee have we chosen for our own,
rvs.1.187 3 Come hitherward to us, O Food, auspicious with auspicious help,
rvs.1.187 4 These juices which, O Food, are thine throughout the regions are diffused.
rvs.1.187 5 These gifts of thine, O Food, O Food most sweet to taste,
rvs.1.187 6 In thee, O Food, is set the spirit of great Gods.
rvs.1.187 Even from thence, O Food of meath, prepared for our enjoyment, come.
rvs.1.187 11 O Food, from thee as such have we drawn forth with lauds, like cows, our sacrificial gifts,
rvs.2.34 Food to your praisers, to your bard in deeds of might give winning wisdom, power uninjured,
rvs.4.44 Food followeth close upon your bright appearing when stately horses in your chariot draw you.
rvs.5.83 Food springs abundant for all living creatures, what time Parjanya quickens earth with moisture.
rvs.6.1 Food noble, plenteous, far from sin and evil, he with us, and fair fame to make us happy.
rvs.7.6 2 Sage, Sing, Food, Light, they bring him from the mountain, the blessed Sovran of the earth and
rvs.7.66 Food and Heavens' light will we obtain.
rvs.8.23 Food in our herds of kine and gain of ample wealth.

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