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rvs.5.87 1. To Visnu, to the Mighty whom the Maruts follow let your hymns born in song go forth, Evayamarut;
rvs.5.87 Evayamarut.
rvs.5.87 Evayamarut;
rvs.5.87 4 He of the Mighty Stride forth strode, Evayamarut, out of the spacious dwellingplace-, their home
rvs.5.87 tremble, Evayamarut,
rvs.5.87 6 Unbounded is your greatness, ye of mighty power: may your bright vigour be our aid, Evayamarut;
rvs.5.87 7 So may the Rudras, mighty warriors, Evayamarut, with splendid brilliancy, like fires, be our
rvs.5.87 8 Come in a friendly spirit, come to us, O Maruts, and hear his call who praises you, Evayamarut.
rvs.5.87 Evayamarut.

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