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rvs.10.98 2 The God, intelligent, the speedy envoy whom thou hast sent hath come to me, Devapi:
rvs.10.98 Sit to thy Hotar task; pay worship duly, and serve the Gods, Devapi, with oblation.
rvs.10.98 5 Knowing the Gods' goodwill-, Devapi, Rsi, the son of Rstisena, sate as Hotar.
rvs.10.98 They burried down set free by Arstisena, in gaping clefts, urged onward by Devapi.
rvs.10.98 7 When as chief priest for Santanu, Devapi, chosen for Hotars' duty, prayed beseeching,
rvs.10.98 8 O Agni whom Devapi Arstisena, the mortal man, hath kindled in his glory,

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