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rvs.1.13 Thither I call the Deities.
rvs.1.19 6 Who sit as Deities in heaven, above the skyvaults-' luminous sphere:
rvs.1.23 2 Both Deities who touch the heaven, Indra and Vayu we invoke
rvs.1.52 15 The Maruts sang thy praise in this encounter, and in thee all the Deities delighted,
rvs.1.59 Vaisvanara, the Deities produced thee, a God, to be a light unto the Arya.
rvs.1.80 In him the Deities have stored manliness, insight, power and might, lauding his own imperial sway.
rvs.1.83 The Deities conduct the pious man to them: like suitors they delight in him who loveth prayer.
rvs.1.102 9 We invocate thee first among the Deities: thou hast become a mighty Conquer in fight.
rvs.1.116 All Deities within their hearts assented, and ye, Nasatyas, are close linked with glory.
rvs.1.122 14 The sea and all the Deities shall give us him with the golden ear and neck bejewelled.
rvs.1.139 When, O ye Deities, ye gave that Milchcow- to the Angirases,
rvs.1.189 God, make our home again to be a blessing, with all the Immortal Deities, O Holy.
rvs.2.32 HYMN XXXII. Various Deities. 32
rvs.2.41 HYMN XLI. Various Deities. 41
rvs.3.3 For Agni the Immortal serves the Deities, and therefore never breaks their everlasting laws.
rvs.3.5 Guardeth the Sevenheaded- in the centre, guardeth sublime the Deities enjoyment.
rvs.3.8 Accordant Deities shall bless our worship and make our sacrifices' ensign lofty.
rvs.3.51 Since at thy birth all Deities adorned thee for the great fight, O thou invoked of many.
rvs.3.54 17 This is, ye Wise, your great and glorious title, that all ye Deities abide in Indra.
rvs.4.2 Yoking red horses to and fro thou goest between you Deities and mortal races.
rvs.4.18 11 Then to her mighty Child the Mother turned her, saying, My son, these Deities forsake thee.
rvs.4.25 3 Who claims today- the Deities' protection, asks Aditi for light, or the Adityas?
rvs.5.42 And, with the sacred prayer by Gods appointed, give us the holy Deities' lovingkindness.
rvs.5.62 Ten hundred stood together: there I looked on this the most marvellous Deities' one chief glory.
rvs.5.81 3 Even he, the God whose goingforth- and majesty the other Deities have followed with their might,
rvs.6.17 8 Yea, Indra, all the Deities installed thee their one strong Champion in the van for battle.
rvs.6.44 8 In course of Law the sapient juice was quaffed: the Deities to glory turned their mind.
rvs.6.58 Whom strong and vigorous and swiftlymoving, subdued by love, the Deities gave to Surya.
rvs.7.1 18 Agni, bear thou, Eternal, these most welcome oblations to the Deities' assembly:
rvs.7.11 Come hither with all Deities about thee here take thy seat, the first, as Priest, O Agni.
rvs.7.21 7 Even the earlier Deities submitted their powers to thy supreme divine dominion.
rvs.7.39 May they, bright Deities, make our song supremest. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.
rvs.7.40 May they, bright Deities, make our song supremest. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.
rvs.7.41 And may we still, O Bounteous One, at sunset be happy in the Deities' lovingkindness-.
rvs.7.42 Or red steeds, Herobearing-, for the chamber. Seated, I call the Deities' generations.
rvs.7.48 4 Now, Deities, give us ample room and freedom: be all of you, oneminded-, our protection.
rvs.7.49 4 They from whom Varuna the King, and Soma, and all the Deities drink strength and vigour,
rvs.7.50 HYMN L. Various Deities. 50
rvs.7.51 3 All Universal Deities, the Maruts, all the Adityas, yea, and all the Rbhus,
rvs.7.59 1. WHOMSO ye rescue here and there, whomso ye guide, O Deities,
rvs.7.60 O Aditi, may all the Deities love us, and thou, O Aryaman, while we are singing.
rvs.8.22 3 These Asvins with our homage, these Two Omnipresent Deities
rvs.8.23 18 All Deities of one accord appointed thee their messenger:
rvs.8.29 3 One brandishes in his hand an iron knife, firm, in his seat amid the Deities.
rvs.8.30 2 Thus be ye lauded, ye destroyers of the foe, ye ThreeandThirty— Deities,
rvs.8.30 4 Ye Deities who stay with us, and all ye Gods of all mankind,
rvs.8.31 HYMN XXXI. Various Deities. 31
rvs.8.31 The man who, sacrificing, strives to win the heart of Deities will conquer those who worship not.
rvs.8.31 The man who, sacrificing, strives to win the heart of Deities will conquer those who worship not.
rvs.8.31 The man who, sacrificing, strives to win the heart of Deities will conquer those who worship not.
rvs.8.31 The man who, sacrificing, strives to win the heart of Deities will conquer those who worship not.
rvs.8.35 3 With all the Deities, three times eleven, here, in close alliance with the Maruts, Bhrgus,
rvs.8.35 24 Sate you with consecrated drink, with juice effused, ye Deities.
rvs.8.39 He is the Priest of all the tribes, chosen with sacrificial meeds. He urges Deities to receive.
rvs.8.39 Decked as our envoy let the Sage bring hither and conciliate the Thrice Eleven Deities. Let all
rvs.8.44 Here let him seat the Deities.
rvs.8.48 The food to which all Deities and mortals, calling it meath, gather themselves together.
rvs.8.58 11 Indra hath drunk, Agni hath drunk. all Deities have drunk their fill.
rvs.8.83 great Deities, you who are
rvs.8.85 7 Flying in terror from the snort of Vrtra, all Deities who were thy friends forsook thee.
rvs.8.87 ne Deities, Indra strove to win thee for their Friend.
rvs.8.89 1. I MOVE before thee here present in person, and all the Deities follow behind me.
rvs.8.89 11 The Deities generated Vak the Goddess, and animals of every figure speak her.
rvs.8.98 3 Agreeing in your spirit, all ye Deities, come nigh to us.
rvs.8.101 2 The truthful Deities, the ThreeandThirty—, saw you approach before the EverTruthful-.
rvs.9.3 9 After the way' of ancient time, this God, pressed out for Deities,
rvs.9.18 3 All Deities of one accord have come that they may drink of thee:
rvs.9.25 3 The Steer shines with the Deities, dear Sage in his appointed home,
rvs.9.97 5 Winning the friendship of the Deities, Indu flows in a thousand streams to make them joyful.
rvs.9.97 7 The God declares the Deities' generations, like Usana, proclaiming lofty wisdom.
rvs.9.97 These brilliant drops of Soma juice run forward. Do ye, O Deities, come nigh to drink them.
rvs.9.97 24 He who beholds mankind, made pure with filters, the King supreme of Deities and mortals,
rvs.9.98 Who with exhilarating juice goes forth to all the Deities.
rvs.9.101 5 Indu flows on for Indras' sake: thus have the Deities declared.
rvs.9.102 5 Under his sway, of one accord, are all the guileless Deities:
rvs.9.103 6 Like a carhorse- who shows his strength, a God effused for Deities.
rvs.9.108 8 Increaser of the water, Steer with thousand streams, dear to the race of Deities;
rvs.9.109 2 Let Indra drink, O Soma, of thy juice for wisdom, and all Deities for strength.
rvs.9.109 15 All Deities are wont to drink of him, pressed by the men and blent with milk and curds.
rvs.9.114 Seven are the Aditya Deities, with these, O Soma, guard thou us. Flow, Indu, flow for Indras' sake.
rvs.10.2 4 When we most ignorant neglect the statutes of you, O Deities with whom is knowledge,
rvs.10.11 Bring Heaven and Earth, the Deities' Parents, hither: stay with us here, nor from the Gods be
rvs.10.12 Bring Heaven and Earth, the Deities' Parents, hither: stay with us here, nor from the Gods be
rvs.10.15 Eaters and drinkers of oblations, truthful, who travel with the Deities and Indra.
rvs.10.16 When he attains unto the life that waits him, he shall become the Deities' controller.
rvs.10.16 This ladle, this which serves the Gods to drink from, in this the Immortal Deities rejoice them.
rvs.10.16 Let him announce oblations paid to Fathers and to Deities.
rvs.10.17 HYMN XVII. Various Deities. 17
rvs.10.18 HYMN XVIII. Various Deities. 18
rvs.10.19 May all the Holy Deities pour down on us a flood of wealth.
rvs.10.28 8 The Deities approached, they carried axes; splitting the wood they came with their attendants.
rvs.10.33 HYMN XXXIII. Various Deities. 33
rvs.10.35 14 He whom ye aid, O Deities, in battle, whom ye protect and rescue from affliction,
rvs.10.37 12 If by some grievous sin we have provoked the Gods, O Deities, with the tongue or
rvs.10.45 We will invoke benignant Earth and Heaven: ye Deities, give us wealth with hero children.
rvs.10.52 2 I sit as Priest most skilled in sacrificing: the Maruts and all Deities impel me.
rvs.10.52 6 The Deities three hundred and thirtynine-, have served and honoured Agni,
rvs.10.63 8 Wise Deities, who have dominion over the world, ye thinkers over all that moves not and that
rvs.10.66 The Dragon of the Deep, shall listen to my words, and all the Deities and Princes shall give ear.
rvs.10.70 10 Wellknowing-, binding with thy cord, bring hither, Lord of the Wood, the Deities' assembly.
rvs.10.82 Even he alone, the Deities' narnegiverhim-, other beings seek for information.
rvs.10.85 17 To Surya and the Deities, to Mitra and to Varuna.
rvs.10.88 The Deities, the broad earth, and the heavens, and plants, and waters gloried in his friendship.
rvs.10.88 13 The wise and holy Deities engendered Agni Vaisvanara whom age Never touches.
rvs.10.90 With him the Deities and all Sadhyas and Rsis sacrificed.
rvs.10.98 Knowing the paths which Deities duly travel, set mid the Gods in heaven Aulana also.
rvs.10.112 Filled is the beaker with the meath that gladdens, the beaker which all Deities delight in.
rvs.10.114 Two Birds of mighty power are seated near her, there where the Deities receive their portion.
rvs.10.130 What were the hymn, the chant, the recitation, when to the God all Deities paid worship?
rvs.10.151 3 Even as the Deities maintained Faith in the mighty Asuras,
rvs.10.168 4 Germ of the world, the Deities' vital spirit, this God moves ever as his will inclines him.

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