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rvs.1.25 Day after day we violate.
rvs.1.185 These of themselves support all things existing: as on a car the Day and Night roll onward.
rvs.1.185 Both mid the Gods, with Day and Night alternate. Protect us, Heaven and Earth, from fearful danger.
rvs.2.30 Day after day goes on the sheen of waters. What time hath past since they were first set flowing?
rvs.4.15 6 Day after day they dress him, as they clean a horse who wins the prize.
rvs.5.82 8 He who for ever vigilant precedes these Twain, the Day and Night,
rvs.6.47 21 Day after day far from their seat he drove them, alike, from place to place, those darksome
rvs.6.58 1. LIKE heaven art thou: one form is bright, one holy, like Day and Night dissimilar in colour.
rvs.8.5 9 O Finders of the Day, that we may win us food of kine and wealth,
rvs.10.39 and Day.
rvs.10.76 That Day and Night, in every hall of sacrifice, may wait on us and bless us when they first spring


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