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rvs.1.6 Wast born together with the Dawns.
rvs.1.69 1. BRIGHT, splendid, like Dawns' lover, he hath filled the two joined worlds as with the light of
rvs.1.69 5 Like the Dawns' lover, spreading light, wellknown- as hued like morn, may he remember me.
rvs.1.92 1. THESE Dawns have raised their banner; in the eastern half of the midair- they spread abroad
rvs.1.92 The Dawns have brought distinct perception as before: redhued-, they have attained their fulgent
rvs.1.113 10 How long a time, and they shall be together, Dawns that have shone and Dawns to shine hereafter?
rvs.1.113 She yearns for former Dawns with eager longing, and goes forth gladly shining with the others.
rvs.1.113 18 Dawns giving sons all heroes, kine and horses, shining upon the man who brings oblations,
rvs.1.113 20 Whatever splendid wealth the Dawns bring with them to bless the man who offers praise and
rvs.1.122 Dawns, hasting to the praises of the pious, be pleased with us, both offerers and singers.
rvs.1.123 Blessed art thou O Dawn. Shine yet more widely. No other Dawns have reached what thou attainest.
rvs.1.123 The Dawns depart and come again assuming their wonted forms that promise happy fortune.
rvs.1.124 So, like the past, with days of happy fortune, may the new Dawns shine forth on us with riches.
rvs.1.124 13 Praised through my prayer be ye who should be lauded. Ye have increased our wealth, ye Dawns
rvs.1.134 Illumine heaven and earth, make thou the Dawns to shine, for glory make the Dawns to shine.
rvs.1.134 4 For thee the radiant Dawns in the fardistant- sky broaden their lovely garments forth in
rvs.1.140 Yield us long life and food and corn and cattle, and may the red Dawns choose for us their
rvs.3.5 1. AGNI who shines against the Dawns is wakened. The holy Singer who precedes the sages.
rvs.3.31 The conscious Dawns went forth to meet his coming, and the sole Master of the kine was Indra.
rvs.3.34 These holy songs he taught the bard who gaised him, and widely spread these Dawns' resplendent
rvs.4.1 Forth drave they, with loud call, Dawns' teeming Milchkine- bid in the mountainstable, in the
rvs.4.2 Sought pure light and devotion, singing praises; they cleft the ground and made red Dawns apparent.
rvs.4.2 19 We have worked for thee, we have laboured noblybright- Dawns have shed their light upon our
rvs.4.5 When will the Goddesses, the Immortals' Spouses, the Dawns, spread over us the SunGods-' splendour?
rvs.4.14 1. THE God hath looked, even Agni Jatavedas, to meet the Dawns refulgent in their glories.
rvs.4.39 May the Dawns flushing move me to exertion, and bear me safely over every trouble.
rvs.4.51 2 The richlycoloured- Dawns have mounted eastward, like pillars planted at our sacrifices,
rvs.4.51 Wherewith, rich Dawns, ye seek with wealth Navagva, Dasagva Angira, the seventoned- singer?
rvs.4.51 Arousing from their rest, O Dawns, the sleeping, and all that lives, man, bird, and beast, to
rvs.4.51 What time the splendid Dawns go forth for splendour, they are not known apart, alike, unwasting.
rvs.4.51 7 Blest were these Dawns of old, shining with succour, true with the truth that springs from holy
rvs.4.51 Awaking, from the seat of holy Order the Godlike Dawns come nigh like troops of cattle.
rvs.4.51 11 Wellskilled- in lore of sacrifice, ye Daughters of Heaven, refulgent Dawns, I thus address you.
rvs.5.1 He, when both Dawns of different hues have borne him, springs up at daybreak as a strong white
rvs.5.59 8 May Dyaus, the Infinite, roar for our banquet: may Dawns toil for us, glittering with moisture.
rvs.5.76 1. AGNI, the bright face of the Dawns, is shining; the singers' pious voices have ascended.
rvs.6.12 Treefed-, he fights with power as doth a champion, like Dawns' Sire to be praised with sacrifices.
rvs.6.38 Whom Dawns shall strengthen when the night departeth, Indra whom days shall strengthen, months,
rvs.6.44 23 The Dawns he wedded to a glorious Consort, and set within the Sun the light that lights him.
rvs.6.47 5 He found the wavy sea of brilliant colours in forefront of the Dawns who dwell in brightness.
rvs.6.60 Teamborne-, thou makest kine thine own, O Agni: thou, Indra, light, Dawns, regions, wondrous
rvs.6.64 1. THE radiant Dawns have risen up for glory, in their white splendour like the waves of waters.
rvs.6.65 2 All this with redrayed- steeds have they divided: the Dawns on bright cars shine in wondrous
rvs.6.65 3 Dawns, bringing hither, to the man who worships, glory and power and might and food and vigour,
rvs.6.65 4 Now is there treasure for the man who serves you, now for the hero, Dawns! who brings oblation;
rvs.7.9 1. ROUSED from their bosom is the Dawns' beloved, the joyous Priest, most sapient, Purifier.
rvs.7.10 1. HE hath sent forth, bright, radiant, and refulgent, like the Dawns' Lover, his farspreading-
rvs.7.18 20 Not to be scorned, but like Dawns past and recent, O Indra, are thy favours and thy riches.
rvs.7.41 6 To this our worship may all Dawns incline them, and come to the pure place like Dadhikravan.
rvs.7.72 4 What time the Dawns break forth in light, O Asvins, to you the poets offer their devotions.
rvs.7.78 Show yourselves fruitful, Dawns, as ye are rising. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.
rvs.7.79 2 They paint their bright rays on the skys' far limits. the Dawns come on like tribes arrayed for
rvs.7.88 When days shone bright the Sage made him a singer, while the heavens broadened and the Dawns were
rvs.7.90 4 The spotless Dawns with fair bright days have broken; they found the spacious light when they
rvs.8.27 2 I sing to cattle and to Earth, to trees, to Dawns, to Night, to plants.
rvs.8.41 His dear Ones, following his Law, have prospered the Three Dawns for him.
rvs.8.43 Even as the gleanings of the Dawns.
rvs.8.64 8 Let not the Companies of Gods fail us, like Dawns that float away,
rvs.9.90 Striving to win the Dawns, the light, the waters, and cattle, call to us abundant vigour.
rvs.10.8 In his swift flight the red Dawns borne by horses refresh their bodies in the home of Order.
rvs.10.31 5 Like the Dawns' dwellingplace- be this assembly, where in their might men rich in food have
rvs.10.35 5 Dawns, who come forward with the bright beams of the Sun, and at your earliest flushing bring to
rvs.10.45 Good Son of Strength, a King amid the waters, in forefront of the Dawns he shines enkindled.
rvs.10.88 18 How many are the Fires and Suns in number? What is the number of the Dawns and Waters
rvs.10.91 Marked are thy comings like the comings of the Dawns, the rays of him who shineth spotless as the
rvs.10.91 Dawns' approach,
rvs.10.111 7 When the Dawns come attendant upon Surya their rays discover wealth of divers colours.
rvs.10.138 When they bestowed the Dawns and let the waters flow, and when thou didst chastise dragons at

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