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rvs.1.164 Between the widespread- worldhalves- is the birthplace-: the Father laid the Daughters' germ
rvs.4.51 Now verily the farrefulgent- Mornings, Daughters of Heaven, bring welfare to the people.
rvs.4.51 10 O Goddesses, O Heavens' refulgent Daughters, bestow upon us wealth with store of children.
rvs.4.51 11 Wellskilled- in lore of sacrifice, ye Daughters of Heaven, refulgent Dawns, I thus address you.
rvs.5.41 Daughters,
rvs.5.42 Who made for us this All, in fond love laying each varied form within his Daughters' bosom.
rvs.6.49 3 Unlike in form are the Red Gods' two Daughters: one is the Suns', and stars bedeck the other.
rvs.9.69 3 He flows about the sheepskin-, longing for a bride: he looses Aditis' Daughters for the
rvs.9.97 47 He, purified with ancient vital vigour, pervading all his Daughters' forms and figures,
rvs.10.70 6 Here in this shrine may Dawn and Night, the Daughters of Heaven, the skilful Goddesses, be

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