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rvs.1.30 22 Hither, O Daughter of the Sky, come thou with these thy strengthenings,
rvs.1.46 1 Now Morning with her earliest light shines forth, dear Daughter of the Sky:
rvs.1.48 1 DAWN on us with prosperity, O Usas, Daughter of the Sky,
rvs.1.48 Usas, the Daughter of the Sky, the opulent, shines foes and enmities away.
rvs.1.48 9 Shine on us with thy radiant light, O Usas, Daughter of the Sky,
rvs.1.49 Therewith, O Daughter of the Sky, aid men of noble fame today.
rvs.1.71 The archer boldly shot at him his arrow, and the God threw his splendour on his Daughter.
rvs.1.92 Like tints that deck the Post at sacrifices, Heavens' Daughter hath attained her wondrous
rvs.1.92 7 The Gotamas have praised Heavens' radiant Daughter, the leader of the charm of pleasant voices.
rvs.1.116 17 The Daughter of the Sun your car ascended, first reaching as it were the goal with coursers.
rvs.1.117 The Daughter of the Sun with all her glory, O ye Nasatyas, chose your car to bear her.
rvs.1.118 5 The youthful Daughter of the Sun, delighting in you, ascended there your chariot, Heroes.
rvs.1.124 3 There in the eastern region she, Heavens' Daughter, arrayed in garments all of light, appeareth.
rvs.1.183 May this song, wondrous fair, attend your glory: ye, as ye travel, wait on Dawn Heavens' Daughter.
rvs.3.53 The Daughter of the Sun hath spread our glory among the Gods, imperishable, deathless.
rvs.3.53 Daughter of Paksa, she bestows new vital power, she whom the ancient Jamadagnis gave to me.
rvs.3.55 12 Where the two Cows, the Mother and the Daughter, meet and give suck yielding their lordly
rvs.4.30 That thou didst smite to death the Dame, Heavens' Daughter, meditating ill.
rvs.4.30 9 Thou, Indra, Mighty One, didst crush Usas, though Daughter of the Sky.
rvs.4.43 What car do they call swift with rapid coursers? That which the Daughter of the Sun elected.
rvs.4.43 Observed of all was that your rapid going, whereby ye were the Lords of Suryas' Daughter.
rvs.4.52 1. THIS Lady, giver of delight, after her Sister shining forth, Daughter of Heaven, hath shown
rvs.5.47 1. URGING to toil and making proclamation, seeking Heavens' Daughter comes the Mighty Mother:
rvs.5.79 2 Daughter of Heaven, thou dawnedst on Sunitha Sucadrathas' son,
rvs.5.79 3 So, bringing treasure, dawn today- on us thou Daughter of the Sky,
rvs.5.79 8 Bring us, O Daughter of the Sky, subsistence in our herds of kine,
rvs.5.79 9 O Daughter of the Sky, shine forth; delay not to perform thy task.
rvs.5.80 6 The Daughter of the Sky, like some chaste woman, bends, opposite to men, her forehead downward.
rvs.6.63 5 Lords of great wealth! for glory, Suryas' Daughter mounted your car that brings a hundred
rvs.6.64 So lofty Goddess with thine ample pathway, Daughter of Heaven, bring wealth to give us comfort.
rvs.7.67 Eastward is seen the Banner of the Morning, the Banner born to give Heavens' Daughter glory.
rvs.7.69 4 When night was turning to the grey of morning the Maiden, Suryas' Daughter, chose your splendour.
rvs.7.75 Looking upon the works and ways of mortals, Daughter of Heaven, the worlds' Imperial Lady.
rvs.7.77 6 O Usas, noblyborn-, Daughter of Heaven, whom the Vasisthas with their hymns make mighty,
rvs.7.78 4 Rich Daughter of the Sky, we all behold her, yea, all men look on Dawn as she is breaking.
rvs.7.79 Daughter of Heaven, a Goddess, she distributes, best of Angirases, treasures to the pious.
rvs.7.81 1. ADVANCING, sending forth her rays, the Daughter of the Sky is seen.
rvs.7.81 3 Promptly we woke to welcome thee, O Usas, Daughter of the Sky,
rvs.8.47 14 Daughter of Heaven, the dream that bodes evil to us or to our kine,
rvs.8.90 15 The Rudras' Mother, Daughter of the Vasus, centre of nectar, the Adityas' Sister-
rvs.9.1 6 By means of this eternal fleece may Suryas' Daughter purify
rvs.9.72 3 He goes upon his way, unresting, to the cows, over the roaring sound which Saryas' Daughter
rvs.9.113 3 Hither hath Suryas' Daughter brought the wild Steer whom Parjanya nursed.
rvs.10.3 Daughter,
rvs.10.17 1. TVASTAR prepares the bridal of his Daughter: all the world hears the tidings and assembles.
rvs.10.39 At harnessing whereof Heavens' Daughter springs to birth, and from Vivasvan come auspicious Night
rvs.10.72 5 For Aditi, O Daksa, she who is thy Daughter, was brought forth.
rvs.10.86 23 Daughter of Manu, Parsu bare a score of children at a birth.
rvs.10.159 3 My Sons are slayers of the foe, my Daughter is a ruling Queen:

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