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rvs.1.89 3 We call them hither with a hymn of olden time, Bhaga, the friendly Daksa, Mitra, Aditi,
rvs.2.27 May Mitra, Aryaman, and Bhaga hear us, the mighty Varuna Daksa, and Amsa.
rvs.6.50 2 Visit, to prove us free from sin, O Surya Lord of great might, the bright Gods sprung from Daksa,
rvs.7.66 2 The Two exceeding wise, the Sons of Daksa, whom the gods ordained
rvs.10.64 5 Aditi, to the birth of Daksa and the vow thou summonest the Kings Mitra and Varuna.
rvs.10.72 Daksa was born of Aditi, and Aditi was Daksas' Child.
rvs.10.72 5 For Aditi, O Daksa, she who is thy Daughter, was brought forth.

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