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rvs.4.39 2 I praise the mighty Steed who fills my spirit, the Stallion Dadhikravan rich in bounties,
rvs.4.39 3 Him who hath honoured, when the flame is kindled at break of dawn, the Courser Dadhikravan,
rvs.4.39 4 When we remember mighty Dadhikravan our food and strength, then the blest name of Maruts,
rvs.4.39 6 So have I glorified with praise strong Dadhikravan, conquering Steed.
rvs.4.40 HYMN XL. Dadhikravan. 40
rvs.4.40 1. LET us recite the praise of Dadhikravan: may all the Mornings move me to exertion;
rvs.4.40 May he the true, the fleet, the lover of the course, the birdlike- Dadhikravan, bring food,
rvs.7.41 6 To this our worship may all Dawns incline them, and come to the pure place like Dadhikravan.
rvs.7.44 3 While I am thus arousing Dadhikravan I speak to Agni, Earth, and Dawn, and Surya,
rvs.7.44 4 Foremost is Dadhikravan, vigorous courser; in forefront of the cars, his way he knoweth,

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