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rvs.3.20 1. WITH lauds at break of morn the priest invoketh Agni, Dawn, Dadhikras, and both the Asvins.
rvs.3.20 5 I call on Savitar the God, on Morning, Brhaspati, and Dadhikras, and Agni,
rvs.4.38 2 And ye gave mighty Dadhikras, the giver of many gifts, who visiteth all people,
rvs.4.38 Of him they say when drawing back from battle. Dadhikras hath sped forward with his thousands.
rvs.4.38 10 Dadhikras hath overspread the Fivefold People with vigour, as the Sun lightens the waters.
rvs.4.39 HYMN XXXIX Dadhikras. 39
rvs.4.39 1. Now give we praise to Dadhikras the rapid, and mention in our laud the Earth and Heaven.
rvs.4.39 To us have Varuna and Mitra granted the Courser Dadhikras, a guide for mortals.
rvs.4.40 Drawing himself together, as his strength allows, Dadhikras springs along the windings of the
rvs.7.44 HYMN XLIV. Dadhikras. 44
rvs.7.44 1. I CALL on Dadhikras, the first, to give you aid, the Asvins, Bhaga, Dawn, and Agni kindled well,
rvs.7.44 2 When, rising, to the sacrifice we hasten, awaking Dadhikras with adorations.
rvs.7.44 5 May Dadhikras prepare the way we travel that we may pass along the path of Order.
rvs.10.101 Agni and Dadhikras and Dawn the Goddess, you, Gods with Indra, I call down to help us.

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