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rvs.3.53 6 Thou hast drunk Soma, Indra, turn thee homeward; thy joy is in thy home, thy racious Consort;
rvs.5.25 Like the Chief Consort of a King, riches and strength proceed from thee.
rvs.6.44 23 The Dawns he wedded to a glorious Consort, and set within the Sun the light that lights him.
rvs.6.49 7 So may Sarasvati, the Heros' Consort, brisk with rare life, the lightnings' Child, inspire us,
rvs.9.86 He, guiding to the newest rules of Holy Law, comes as the Womens' Consort to the special place.
rvs.10.39 Whom, Asvins swift to hear, borne on your glowing path, ye with your Consort make the foremost in
rvs.10.86 For never shall her Consort die in future time through length of days. Supreme is Indra overall.

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