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rvs.1.53 Gather therefrom, O Conqueror, and bring to us: fail not the hope of him who loves and sings to
rvs.1.66 2 He offers safety like a pleasant home, like ripened corn, the Conqueror of men.
rvs.1.175 Burn, like a vessel with the flame, the lawless Dasyu, Conqueror!
rvs.1.186 3 Agni I sing, the guest you love most dearly: the Conqueror through our lauds is friendlyminded-.
rvs.1.189 O Conqueror, most youthful, let no danger touch him who praises thee today- or after.
rvs.1.189 Not to the fanged that bites, not to the toothless: give not us up, thou Conqueror, to the spoiler.
rvs.2.2 11 Such, Conqueror! be to us, be worthy of our praise, thou for whom princes nobly born exert
rvs.3.29 13 Mortals have brought to life the God Immortal, the Conqueror with mighty jaws, unfailing.
rvs.3.34 8 Excellent, Conqueror, the victorygiver-, the winner of the light and Godlike Waters,
rvs.4.21 Whose will is like a Sovran in assembly, who rules the people, Conqueror, allsurpassing-.
rvs.5.20 4 Here as is needful for thine aid we toil, O Conqueror, day by day,
rvs.5.25 9 Thus, seeking riches, have we paid homage to Agni Conqueror.
rvs.6.18 No foe hath he, no counterpart, no refuge is there from him the Conqueror full of wisdom
rvs.6.45 O Conqueror, win the proffered prize.
rvs.7.21 9 May we, O Indra, be thy friends for ever, eagerly, Conqueror, yielding greater homage.
rvs.7.22 5 I know and Never forget the hymns and praises of thee, the Conqueror, and thy strength immortal.
rvs.7.26 4 Even thus have they declared him. Famed is Indra as Conqueror, sole distributer of treasures;
rvs.7.32 9 Grudge not, ye Soma pourers; stir you, pay the rites, for wealth, to the great Conqueror.
rvs.7.46 The Wise, the Conqueror whom none may overcome, armed with sharppointed- weapons: may he hear our
rvs.8.1 2 Even him, eternal, like a bull who rushes down, mens' Conqueror, bounteous like a cow;
rvs.8.23 29 A mighty Conqueror art thou, O Agni, so disclose to us
rvs.8.32 27 To him your matchless Mighty One, unconquerable Conqueror,
rvs.8.37 2 Thou mighty Conqueror of hostile armaments, O Indra, Lord of Strength, with all thy saving help.
rvs.8.50 12 Him have we yoked in fight, the powerful Conqueror, debtclaimer-, not to be deceived.
rvs.8.59 4 The potent Conqueror, invincible in war, him at whose birth the Mighty Ones,
rvs.8.59 8 Urge ye the Conqueror to give, your Indra greatly to be praised,
rvs.8.67 7 He hath his stomach full of might, the Vrtraslayer-, Conqueror,
rvs.8.87 2 Thou, Indra, art the Conqueror: thou gavest splendour to the Sun.
rvs.9.27 Still Conqueror, never overcome.
rvs.9.46 5 Thus, Soma, Conqueror of wealth! flow, finding furtherance for us,
rvs.9.90 3 Great Conqueror, warnorgirt-, Lord of all heroes, flow on thy way as he who winneth riches;
rvs.9.106 Soma bethinks him of the Conqueror, as he knows.
rvs.10.83 Arya and Dasa will we conquer with thine aid, with thee the Conqueror, with conquest conquestsped-.
rvs.10.115 5 This Agni is the best of Kanvas, Kanvas' Friend, Conqueror of the foe whether afar or near.
rvs.10.131 1. DRIVE all our enemies away, O Indra, the western, mighty Conqueror, and the eastern.
rvs.10.178 1. THIS very mighty one whom Gods commission, the Conqueror of cars, ever triumphant,

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