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rvs.1.113 7 We see her there, the Child of Heaven apparent, the young Maid, flushing in her shining raiment.
rvs.1.140 2 Child of a double birth he grasps at triple food; in the years' course what he hath swallowed
rvs.1.141 Thee, therefore, even as Bhaga, will we set anew, young Child of Strength, most wealthy! in our
rvs.1.186 With whom we will incite the Child of Waters whom vigorous course swift as thought bring hither.
rvs.1.188 2 Child of Thyself the sacrifice is for the righteous blent with meath,
rvs.2.31 Trita, Rbhuksan, Savitar shall joy in us, and the Floods' swift Child in our worship and our
rvs.2.35 1. EAGER for spoil my flow of speech I utter: may the Floods' Child accept my songs with favour.
rvs.3.1 He who begat, and will beget, the dawnlights, most manly, Child of Floods, is youthful Agni.
rvs.3.2 2 He made the heaven and earth resplendent by his birth: Child of two Mothers he was meet to be
rvs.3.9 The Waters Child, the blessed, the resplendent One, victorious and beyond compare.
rvs.3.20 2 Three are thy powers, O Agni, three thy stations, three are thy tongues, yea, many, Child of
rvs.3.25 1. THOU art the sapient Son of Dyaus, O Agni, yes and the Child of Earth, who knowest all things.
rvs.3.55 6 Now lying far away, Child of two Mothers, he wanders unrestrained, the single youngling.
rvs.3.55 7 Child of two Mothers, Priest, sole Lord in synods, he still precedes while resting as foundation.
rvs.3.56 5 Streams! the wise Gods have thrice three habitations. Child of three Mothers, he is Lord in
rvs.4.18 11 Then to her mighty Child the Mother turned her, saying, My son, these Deities forsake thee.
rvs.5.3 9 Save, thou who knowest, draw thy father near thee, who counts as thine own son, O Child of Power.
rvs.5.43 As living men, with offered gifts and homage they deck the most auspicious Child to clothe him.
rvs.5.44 The Mighty Child who glides along the sacred grass, the undecaying Youth set in the midst of
rvs.5.80 Driving away malignity and darkness, Dawn, Child of Heaven, hath come to us with lustre.
rvs.6.3 Hast gear to give us. Come with joy at evening, where, Child of Wood, thou mayest also tarry.
rvs.6.13 Even he whom thou, Sage, born in Law, incitest by wealth, accordant with the Child of Waters.
rvs.6.15 Each time he comes from heaven, the Pure One from of old: from ancient days the Child cats
rvs.6.16 37 O Child of Strength, to thee whose look is lovely we with dainty food,
rvs.6.47 28 Thou Bolt of Indra, Vanguard of the Maruts, close knit to Varuna and Child of Mitra,
rvs.6.49 The Son of Strength, the Child of Heaven, the signal of sacrifice, red Agni will I worship.
rvs.6.49 7 So may Sarasvati, the Heros' Consort, brisk with rare life, the lightnings' Child, inspire us,
rvs.6.52 the Waters Child.
rvs.6.64 Thou who, a Goddess, Child of Heaven, hast shown thee lovely through bounty when we called thee
rvs.6.65 1. SHEDDING her light on human habitations this Child of Heaven hath called us from our slumber;
rvs.6.65 6 Shine on us as of old, thou Child of Heavenon, him, rich Maid! who serves like Bharadvaja.
rvs.7.9 Shines forth with wondrous light before the Mornings; the young plants hath he entered, Child of
rvs.7.15 11 As such, bring us abundant wealth, young Child of Strength, for this thou canst
rvs.7.34 15 Accordant with the Gods choose for our Friend the Waters Child: may he be good to us.
rvs.7.35 Gracious be he the swelling Child of Waters, gracious be Prsni who hath Gods to guard her.
rvs.7.81 What, Child of Heaven, thou hast of nourishment for man, bestow thou on us to enjoy.
rvs.8.43 And as their Child art born anew.
rvs.8.44 13 I invocate the Child of Strength, Agni with purifying flame,
rvs.8.47 15 Even if, O Child of Heaven, it make a garland or a chain of gold,
rvs.8.49 To Agni, Child of Force, whose locks drop oil, we seek, foremost in sacrificial rites.
rvs.8.49 Wellsharpened- are his jaws which may not be withstood: the Child of Strength hath powerful teeth.
rvs.8.73 5 May serve thee, O thou Child of Power, and with what sacrifices' plan?
rvs.9.33 They decorate the Child of Heaven.
rvs.9.61 7 Him here, the Child whom streams have borne, the ten swift fingers beautify
rvs.9.82 4 Thou givest pleasure as a wife delights her lord. Listen, O Child of Pajri, for to thee I speak.
rvs.9.86 Hymns have been sung aloud in resonant harmony, and holy songs kiss him, the Child who claims our
rvs.9.93 Hither hath run the goldhued- Child of Surya and reached the vat like a fleet vigorous courser.
rvs.9.97 41 Soma the Steer, in that as Child of Waters he chose the Gods, performed that great achievement.
rvs.9.102 1. THE Child, when blended with the streams, speeding the plan of sacrifice,
rvs.9.105 They shall make sweet the Child with sacrifice and laud.
rvs.10.1 2 Thou, being born, art Child of Earth and Heaven, parted among the plants in beauty, Agni!
rvs.10.8 Thou art the Waters Child O Jatavedas, envoy of him whose offering thou acceptest.
rvs.10.30 3 Go to the reservoir, O ye Adhvaryus worship the Waters Child with your oblations.
rvs.10.30 Give waters rich in sweets, Child of the Waters, even those which gave heroic might to Indra:
rvs.10.72 Daksa was born of Aditi, and Aditi was Daksas' Child.
rvs.10.127 8 These have I brought to thee like kine. O Night, thou Child of Heaven, accept
rvs.10.135 3 Thou mountest, though thou dost not see, O Child, the new and wheelless- car
rvs.10.135 4 The car which thou hast made to roll hitherward from the Sages, Child!
rvs.10.144 4 That the strongpinioned- Bird hath brought, Child of the Falcon, from afar,
rvs.10.149 2 Well knoweth Savitar, O Child of Waters, where ocean, firmly fixt, overflowed its limit.

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