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rvs.1.64 2 They spring to birth, the lofty Ones, the Bulls of Heaven, divine, the youths of Rudra, free
rvs.1.105 10 May those five Bulls which stand on high full in the midst of mighty heaven,
rvs.1.135 9 These Bulls of thine, O Vayu with the arm of strength, who swiftly fly within the current of thy
rvs.1.135 stream, the Bulls increasing in their might,
rvs.1.154 For mightily, there, shineth down upon us the widelystriding- Bulls' sublimest mansion.
rvs.1.173 2 Let the Bull sing with Bulls whose toil is worship, with a loud roar like some wild beast that
rvs.3.7 5 They know the red Bulls' blessing, and are joyful under the flamingcoloured- Lords' dominion:
rvs.3.7 The willing Bulls, untouched by old, rejoice them: as Gods themselves the ways of Gods they follow.
rvs.3.27 15 Thee will we kindle as a bull, we who are Bulls ourselves, O Bull.
rvs.3.33 And never may the pair of Bulls, harmless and sinless, waste away.
rvs.3.38 That is the Bulls', the Asuras' mighty figure: he, omniform, hath reached the eternal waters.
rvs.3.38 7 That same companionship of her, the Milchcow-, here with the strong Bulls' divers forms they
rvs.3.43 Who from of old press to heavens' farthest limits, the Bulls' impetuous and wellgroomed- Horses.
rvs.4.1 Footless and headless, both his ends concealing, in his Bulls' lair drawing himself together.
rvs.4.1 12 Wondrously first he rose aloft, defiant, in the Bulls' lair, the homeof holy Order,
rvs.4.1 This the bands knew, and sent forth acclamationwith: the Bulls' sheen the Red One was apparent.
rvs.4.5 Which, in the Mother Cows' most lofty station, the Bulls' tongue, of the flame bent forward,
rvs.4.22 The Strong One bringeth nigh the Bulls' two Parents: loud sing the winds, like men, in airs'
rvs.6.6 5 Forth darts the Bulls' tongue like the sharp stone weapon discharged by him who fights to win
rvs.6.49 6 Bulls of the Earth, O Vata and Parjanya, stir up for us the regions of the water.
rvs.6.62 7 Victors, carborne-, ye rent the rock asunder: Bulls, heard the calling of the eunuchs' consort.
rvs.7.56 He, Bulls! who hath so much in his possession, free from duplicity, with hymns invokes you.
rvs.7.56 Drive to a distance, O ye Bulls, the darkness: give us full store of children and descendants.
rvs.7.56 Give us a share in that delightful treasure, the genuine wealth that, Bulls! is your possession.
rvs.7.58 Ye Bulls, keep those who hate us at a distance. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.
rvs.7.104 1. INDRA and Soma, burn, destroy the demon foe, send downward, O ye Bulls, those who add gloom to
rvs.8.20 19 O Sobhari, with newest song sing out unto the youthful purifying Bulls,
rvs.8.46 Bulls that resemble vigorous steeds.
rvs.8.97 1. As highest of the Maghavans, preeminent among the Bulls,
rvs.10.27 20 These my two Bulls, even Pramaras', are harnessed: drive them not far; here let them often
rvs.10.28 Bulls they dress for thee, and of these thou eatest when, Maghavan, with food thou art invited.
rvs.10.31 6 This Bulls' most gracious farextended- favour existed first of all in full abundance.
rvs.10.94 As they devour the branch of the Redcoloured- Tree, these, the wellpastured- Bulls, have uttered
rvs.10.94 6 Like strong ones drawing, they have put forth all their strength: the Bulls, harnessed together,
rvs.10.123 4 Knowing his form, the sages yearned to meet him: they have come nigh to hear the wild Bulls'

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