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rvs.1.161 We have not blamed the chalice of illustrious birth. We, Brother Agni, praised the goodness of the
rvs.1.161 A cow must be created, and the Twain made young. When we have done these things, Brother, we turn
rvs.1.191 6 Heaven is your Sire, your Mother Earth, Soma your Brother, Aditi
rvs.3.53 5 Depart, O Maghavanagain; come hither: both there and here thy goat is Indra, Brother,
rvs.4.1 2 As such, O Agni, bring with favour to the Gods thy Brother Varuna who loveth sacrifice,
rvs.6.51 5 O Heaven our Father, Earth our guileless Mother, O Brother Agni, and ye Vasus, bless us.
rvs.6.55 Brother of Indra, and my Friend.
rvs.8.43 16 O Agni, Brother, made by strength, Lord of red steeds and brilliant sway,
rvs.10.7 3 Agni I deem my Kinsman and my Father, count him my Brother and my Friend for ever.
rvs.10.11 May Aditi accomplish all that we desire, and may our eldest Brother tell us this as Chief.
rvs.10.99 With his Companions, not without his Brother, he quells Saptathas' magic devices.
rvs.10.186 2 Thou art our Father, Vata, yea, thou art a Brother and a friend,

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