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rvs.1.14 3 Indra, Vayu, Brhaspati, Mitra, Agni, Pusan, Bhaga,
rvs.1.62 Brhaspati cleft the mountain, found the cattle: the heroes shouted with the kine in triumph.
rvs.1.89 May Tarksya with uninjured fellies prosper us: Brhaspati vouchsafe to us prosperity.
rvs.1.90 Indra, Brhaspati be kind, and Visnu of the mighty stride.
rvs.1.105 That call of his Brhaspati heard and released him from distress. Mark this my woe, ye Earth and
rvs.1.106 5 Brhaspati, make us evermore an easy path: we crave what boon thou hast for men in rest and stir.
rvs.1.139 10 Let the Invoker bless: let offerers bring choice gifts; Brhaspati the Friend doth sacrifice
rvs.1.161 6 Indra hath yoked his Bays, the Asvins' car is horsed, Brhaspati hath brought the Cow of every
rvs.1.190 HYMN CXC. Brhaspati. 190
rvs.1.190 1. GLORIFY thou Brhaspati, the scatheless, who must be praised with hymns, sweettongued- and
rvs.1.190 Brhaspati, for he laid out the expanses, was, at the sacrifice, vast Matarisvan.
rvs.1.190 These of Brhaspati, like hunters' arrows, go to the skies that change their hue like serpents.
rvs.1.190 On fools like these no blessing thou bestowest: Brhaspati, thou punishest the spiteful.
rvs.1.190 Brhaspati the wise, the eager, closely looks upon both, the waters and the vessel.
rvs.1.190 8 So hath Brhaspati, great, strong and mighty, the God exceeding powerful, been brought hither.
rvs.2.23 2 Brhaspati, God immortal! verily the Gods have gained from thee, the wise, a share in holy rites.
rvs.2.23 The awful car, Brhaspati, that quells the foe, slays demons, cleaves the stall of kine, and finds
rvs.2.23 Him who hates prayer thou punishest, Brhaspati, quelling his wrath: herein is thy great mightiness.
rvs.2.23 Brhaspati, whoever lays a snare for us, him may his evil fate, precipitate, destroy.
rvs.2.23 Him turn thou from our path away, Brhaspati: give us fair access to this banquet of the Gods.
rvs.2.23 Strike, O Brhaspati, the Gods revilers down, and let not the unrighteous come to highest bliss.
rvs.2.23 10 With thee as our own rich and liberal ally may we, Brhaspati, gain highest power of life.
rvs.2.23 Let not his deadly blow reach us, Brhaspati; may we humiliate the strong illdoers-' wrath.
rvs.2.23 Brhaspati hath overthrown like cars of war all wicked enemies who fain would injure us.
rvs.2.23 Brhaspati.
rvs.2.23 15 Brhaspati, that which the foe deserves not which shines among the folk effectual, splendid,
rvs.2.23 Who cherish in their heart abandonment of Gods. Brhaspati, no further rest shall they obtain.
rvs.2.23 Guiltscourger-, guiltavenger- is Brhaspati, who slays the spoiler and upholds the mighty Law.
rvs.2.23 Thou, O Brhaspati, with Indra for ally didst hurl down waterfloods- which gloom had compassed
rvs.2.24 As this thy friend, our liberal patron, praises thee, do thou, Brhaspati, fulfil our hearts'
rvs.2.24 10 First and preeminent, excelling all besides are the kind gifts of liberal Brhaspati.
rvs.2.30 4 As with a bolt, Brhaspati, fiercely flaming, pierce thou Vrkadvaras', the Asuras', heroes.
rvs.2.30 Brhaspati, with arms thou slayest foemen O King, give up the spoiler to destruction.
rvs.3.20 5 I call on Savitar the God, on Morning, Brhaspati, and Dadhikras, and Agni,
rvs.3.26 Brhaspati for mans' observance of the Gods, the Singer prompt to hear, the swiftlymoving- guest.
rvs.3.62 4 Be pleased! with our oblations, thou loved of all Gods, Brhaspati:
rvs.3.62 5 At sacrifices, with your hymns worship the pure Brhaspati;
rvs.3.62 Brhaspati Most Excellent.
rvs.4.40 Praise of the Lord of Waters, Dawn, and Agni, Brhaspati Son of Angiras, and Surya.
rvs.4.49 1. DEAR is this offering in your mouth, O Indra and Brhaspati:
rvs.4.49 2 This lovely Soma is effused, O Indra and Brhaspati,
rvs.4.49 4 Vouchsafe us riches hundredfold, O Indra, and Brhaspati,
rvs.4.49 5 O Indra. and Brhaspati, we call you when the meath is shed,
rvs.4.49 6 Drink, Indra and Brhaspati, the Soma in the givers' house:
rvs.4.50 HYMN L. Brhaspati. 50
rvs.4.50 1. Him who with might hath propped earths' ends, who sitteth in threefold seat, Brhaspati, with
rvs.4.50 2 Wild in their course, in wellmarked- wise rejoicing were they, Brhaspati, who pressed around us.
rvs.4.50 Preserve Brhaspati, the stall uninjured, this companys' raining, evermoving- birthplace.
rvs.4.50 3 Brhaspati, from thy remotest distance have they sat down who love the law eternal.
rvs.4.50 4 Brhaspati, when first he had his being from mighty splendour in supremest heaven,
rvs.4.50 Brhaspati thundering drave forth the cattle, the lowing cows who make oblations ready.
rvs.4.50 Brhaspati, may we be lords of riches, with noble progeny and store of heroes.
rvs.4.50 Who cherishes Brhaspati welltended-, adorns and worships him as foremost sharer.
rvs.4.50 10 Indra, Brhaspati, rainers of treasure, rejoicing at this sacrifice drink the Soma.
rvs.4.50 11 Brhaspati and Indra, make us prosper may this be your benevolence to usward-.
rvs.5.42 7 Praise him the Chief who gives the boon of riches, Brhaspati distributor of treasures,
rvs.5.42 8 Tended, Brhaspati, with thy protections, the princes are unharmed and girt by heroes.
rvs.5.43 12 Set in his seat the God whose back is dusky, Brhaspati the lofty, the Disposer.
rvs.5.46 Brhaspati and Pusan grant us sure defence, Varuna, Mitra, Aryaman guard and shelter us.
rvs.5.51 For weal Brhaspati with all his company. May the Adityas bring us health and happiness.
rvs.6.47 Brhaspati, provide in war for cattle; find a path, Indra, for this faithful singer.
rvs.6.73 HYMN LXXIII. Brhaspati. 73
rvs.6.73 1. SERVED with oblations, firstborn-, mountainrender-, Angiras' son, Brhaspati, the Holy,
rvs.6.73 2 Brhaspati, who made for such a people wide room and verge when Gods were invocated,
rvs.6.73 3 Brhaspati in war hath won rich treasures, hath won, this God, the great stalls filled with
rvs.6.73 Striving to win waters and light, resistless, Brhaspati with lightning smites the foeman.
rvs.7.10 Aditi good to all men with Adityas, Brhaspati Allbounteous-, with the Singers.
rvs.7.97 HYMN XCVIL Brhaspati. 97
rvs.7.97 2 We crave the heavenly grace of Gods to guard usso- may Brhaspati, O friends, exalt us-
rvs.7.97 4 May that Brhaspati who brings all blessings, most dearly loved, be seated by our altar.
rvs.7.97 Let us invoke Brhaspati, the foeless, the clearvoiced- God, the Holy One of households
rvs.7.97 6 Him, this Brhaspati, his redhued- horses, drawing together, full of strength, bring hither.
rvs.7.97 Sublime Brhaspati, easy of access granteth his friends most bountiful refreshment.
rvs.7.97 8 Both Heaven and Earth, divine, the Deitys' Parents, have made Brhaspati increase in grandeur.
rvs.7.97 10 Ye Twain are Lords of wealth in earth and heaven, thou, O Brhaspati, and thou, O Indra.
rvs.7.98 7 Ye Twain are Lords of wealth in earth and heaven, thou, O Brhaspati, and thou, O Indra.
rvs.8.10 I call Brhaspati, Indra, Visnu, all the gods, the Asvins borne by rapid steeds.
rvs.8.85 And Indra, with Brhaspati to aid him, conquered the godless tribes that came against him.
rvs.9.5 Vayu, Surya, Brhaspati, Indra, and Agni, in accord.
rvs.9.81 The Maruts, Asvins, Vayu, and Brhaspati, Savitar, Tvastar, tractable Sarasvati.
rvs.9.85 Flow sweet for Mitra, Varuna, and Vayu, rich in meath, inviolable for Brhaspati.
rvs.10.13 They sacrificed Brhaspati the Rsi. Yama delivered up his own dear body.
rvs.10.14 3 Mitali prospers there with Kavyas, Yama with Angiras' sons, Brhaspati with Rkvans:
rvs.10.17 This present God Brhaspati shall pour it forth to make us rich.
rvs.10.35 Pusan, Brhaspati, Bhaga, both Asvins, and enkindled Agni we implore for happiness.
rvs.10.36 5 Full flow libations; on our grass let Indra sit; Brhaspati the singer laud with Sama hymns!
rvs.10.42 11 Brhaspati protect us from the rearward, and from above, and from below, from sinners!
rvs.10.43 11 Brhaspati protect us from the rearward, and from above, and from below, from sinners.
rvs.10.44 11 Brhaspati protect us from the rearward, and from above, and from below, from sinners.
rvs.10.47 6 To Saptagu the sage, the holyminded-, to him, Brhaspati, the song approaches,
rvs.10.64 Brhaspati?
rvs.10.64 15 This invocation wins all good that we desire Brhaspati, highlypraised- Aramati, are here,
rvs.10.65 Winners of wealth, we call, and wise Brhaspati, destroyer of our foes, and Soma Indras' Friend.
rvs.10.67 HYMN LXVII. Brhaspati. 67
rvs.10.67 Brhaspati spake in thunder to the cattle, and uttered praise and song when he had found them.
rvs.10.67 Brhaspati, seeking light amid the darkness, drave forth the bright cows: three he made apparent.
rvs.10.67 Brhaspati discovered, while he thundered like Dyaus, the dawn, the Sun, the cow, the lightning.
rvs.10.67 Brhaspati with wild boars strong and mighty, sweating with heat, hath gained a rich possession.
rvs.10.67 Brhaspati freed the radiant cows with comrades selfyoked-, averting shame from one another.
rvs.10.67 May we, in every fight where heroes conquer, rejoice in strong Brhaspati the Victor.
rvs.10.67 Men praised Brhaspati the Mighty, bringing the light within their mouths from sundry places.
rvs.10.68 HYMN LXVIII. Brhaspati. 68
rvs.10.68 Like merry streamlets bursting from the mountain, thus to Brhaspati our hymns have sounded.
rvs.10.68 As Friend of men he decks the wife and husband: as for the race, Brhaspati, nerve our coursers.
rvs.10.68 3 Brhaspati, having won them from the mountains, strewed down, like barley out of winnowing-
rvs.10.68 So from the rock Brhaspati forced the cattle, and cleft the earths' skin as it were with water.
rvs.10.68 Like the wind grasping at the cloud of Vala, Brhaspati gathered to himself the cattle,
rvs.10.68 6 Brhaspati, when he with fiery lightnings cleft through the weapon of reviling Vala,
rvs.10.68 7 That secret name borne by the lowing cattle within the cave Brhaspati discovered,
rvs.10.68 Brhaspati, cleaving through with varied clamour, brought it forth like a bowl from out the timber.
rvs.10.68 As from a joint, Brhaspati took the marrow of Vala as he gloried in his cattle.
rvs.10.68 10 As trees for foliage robbed by winter, Vala mourned for the cows Brhaspati had taken.
rvs.10.68 They set the light in day, in night the darkness. Brhaspati cleft the rock and found the cattle.
rvs.10.68 May this Brhaspati vouchsafe us fulness of life with kine and horses, men, and heroes.
rvs.10.71 1. WHENmen-, Brhaspati, giving names to objects, sent out Vaks' first and earliest utterances,
rvs.10.92 10 For these have spread abroad the fame of human kind, the Bull Brhaspati and Somas' brotherhood.
rvs.10.97 Urged onward by Brhaspati, release us from our pain and grief;
rvs.10.97 Urged onward by Brhaspati, combine your virtue in this Plant.
rvs.10.98 1. COME, be thou Mitra, Varuna, or Pusan, come, O Brhaspati, to mine oblation:
rvs.10.98 3 Within my mouth, Brhaspati, deposit speech lucid, vigorous, and free from weakness,
rvs.10.98 Graciously pleased Brhaspati vouchsafed him a voice that reached the Gods and won the waters.
rvs.10.100 5 Indra hath given the body with its song and strength: Brhaspati, thou art the lengthener of life.
rvs.10.103 4 Brhaspati, fly with thy chariot hither, slayer of demons, driving off our foemen.
rvs.10.103 8 Indra guide these: Brhaspati precede them, the guerdon, and the sacrifice, and Soma;
rvs.10.108 And were the path to you as yet unmastered, Brhaspati in neither case will spare you.
rvs.10.108 Kine which Brhaspati, and Soma, Rsis, sages, and pressingstones- have found when hidden.
rvs.10.109 Through him Brhaspati obtained his consort, as the Gods gained the ladle brought by Soma.
rvs.10.128 May Gods, Brhaspati, both Asvins shelter from ill this sacrifice and sacrificer.
rvs.10.141 2 Let Aryaman vouchsafe us wealth, and Bhaga, and Brhaspati.
rvs.10.141 Adityas, Visnu, Surya, and the Brahman Priest Brhaspati.
rvs.10.141 4 Indra, Vayu, Brhaspati, Gods swift to listen, we invoke,
rvs.10.141 5 Urge Aryaman to send us gifts, and Indra, and Brhaspati,
rvs.10.161 Through hundredlived- oblation Indra, Agni, Brhaspati, Savitar yield him for a hundred!
rvs.10.173 5 Stedfast, may Varuna the King, stedfast, the God Brhaspati,
rvs.10.182 HYMN CLXXXII. Brhaspati. 182
rvs.10.182 1. Brhaspati lead us safely over troubles and turn his evil thought against the sinner;

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