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rvs.1.164 45 Speech hath been measured out in four divisions, the Brahmans who have understanding know them.
rvs.2.39 Like two laudsinging- Brahmans in the assembly, like the folks' envoys called in many places.
rvs.2.43 2 Thou like the chanterpriest- chantest the Sama, Bird; thou singest at libations like a Brahmans'
rvs.5.29 3 And, O ye Brahmans, Maruts, so may Indra drink draughts of this my carefully pressed Soma;
rvs.5.31 The Brahmans with their songs exalting Indra increased his strength that he might slaughter Ahi.
rvs.5.32 What have thy friends received from thee, the Brahmans who, faithful, rest their hopes on thee, O
rvs.6.75 10 The Brahmans, and the Fathers meet for Somadraughts-, and, graciously inclined, unequalled
rvs.7.22 4 Hear thou the call of the juicedrinking- pressstone-: hear thou the Brahmans' hymn who sings and
rvs.7.42 1. LET Brahmans and Angirases come forward, and let the roar of cloudy heaven surround us.
rvs.7.66 And, Brahmans, gain the sacrifice.
rvs.7.103 1. THEY who lay quiet for a year, the Brahmans who fulfil their vows,
rvs.7.103 7 As Brahmans, sitting round the brimful vessel, talk at the Somarite- of Atiratra,
rvs.7.103 8 These Brahmans with the Soma juice, performing their yearlong- rite, have lifted up their voices;
rvs.8.17 3 We Somabearing- Brahmans call thee Somadrinker- with thy friend,
rvs.8.32 16 No debt is due by Brahmans now, by active men who press the juice:
rvs.8.66 Might make Brahmans' strength increase.
rvs.8.85 The mountains roared, the cattle loudly bellowed, the Brahmans with their hymns drew nigh to Indra.
rvs.10.16 May Agni who devoureth all things heal it and Soma who hath passed into the Brahmans.
rvs.10.47 3 Wealth, with good Brahmans, Indra! Godattended-, high, wide, and deep, arid based on broad
rvs.10.71 8 When friendly Brahmans sacrifice together with mental impulse which the heart hath fashioned,
rvs.10.71 They leave one far behind through their attainments, and some who count as Brahmans wander
rvs.10.71 9 Those men who step not back and move not forward, nor Brahmans nor preparers of libations,
rvs.10.85 Of him whom Brahmans truly know as Soma no one ever tastes.
rvs.10.85 16 The Brahmans, by their seasons, know, O Surya, those two wheels of thine:
rvs.10.109 2 King Soma first of all, without reluctance, made restitution of the Brahmans' consort.
rvs.10.109 3 The man, her pledge, must by her hand be taken when they have cried, She is a Brahmans' consort.
rvs.10.109 Dire is a Brahmans' wife led home by others: in the supremest heaven she plants confusion.
rvs.10.109 The Kings who kept their promises restored the Brahmans' wedded wife,
rvs.10.109 7 Having restored the Brahmans' wife, and freed them, with Gods aid, from sin,

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