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rvs.1.129 5 Bow down the overweening pride of every foe with succour like to kindlingwood- in fiercest
rvs.3.33 Bow lowly down; be easy to be traversed stay, Rivers, with your floods below our axles.
rvs.6.75 2 With Bow let us win kine, with Bow the battle, with Bow be victors in our hot encounters.
rvs.6.75 The Bow brings grief and sorrow to the foeman: armed with the Bow may we subdue all regions.
rvs.6.75 Strained on the Bow, She whispers like a womanthis- Bowstring that preserves us in the combat.
rvs.10.14 Bow down before the Rsis of the ancient times, who made this path in days of old.

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