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rvs.1.72 To be the Birds' support, the spacious mother, Aditi, and her great Sons stood in power.
rvs.1.105 11 High in the mid ascent of heaven those Birds of beauteous pinion sit.
rvs.1.164 7 Let him who knoweth presently declare it, this lovely Birds' securely founded station.
rvs.1.164 20 Two Birds with fair wings, knit with bonds of friendship, in the same sheltering tree have
rvs.1.164 21 Where those fine Birds hymn ceaselessly their portion of life eternal, and the sacred synods,
rvs.1.164 22 The, tree whereon the fine Birds eat the sweetness, where they all rest and procreate their
rvs.3.5 5 The Earths', the Birds' dear lofty place he guardeth, he guardeth in his might the course of
rvs.3.5 This Agni guards with care that never ceases the Somas' skin, the Birds' place rich in fatness.
rvs.3.7 7 Seven holy singers guard with five Adhvaryus the Birds' beloved firmlysettled- station.
rvs.5.73 Birds of red hue were round about and burning splendours compassed you.
rvs.10.80 Birds flying in the region call on Agni around a thousand cattle Agni wanders.
rvs.10.105 2 He whose two Bay Steeds harnessed well, swerving, pursue the Birds' tailplumes-,
rvs.10.114 Two Birds of mighty power are seated near her, there where the Deities receive their portion.
rvs.10.114 4 One of these Birds hath passed into the sea of air: thence he looks round and views this

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