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rvs.1.163 6 Thyself from far I recognized in spirita, Bird that from below flew through the heaven.
rvs.1.164 52 The Bird Celestial, vast with noble pinion, the lovely germ of plants, the germ of waters,
rvs.2.2 Bird of the firmament, observant with his eyes, guard of the place as it were, looking to Gods and
rvs.2.42 O Bird, be ominous of happy fortune from no side may calamity befall thee.
rvs.2.42 3 Bringing good tidings, Bird of happy omen, call thou out loudly southward of our dwellings,
rvs.2.43 2 Thou like the chanterpriest- chantest the Sama, Bird; thou singest at libations like a Brahmans'
rvs.2.43 Even as a vigorous horse when he comes near the mare, announce to us good fortune, Bird, on every
rvs.2.43 side, proclaim in all directions happy luck, O Bird.
rvs.2.43 3 When singing here, O Bird. announce good luck to us, and when thou sittest still think on us
rvs.4.5 When they have thrown as it were the cows' stalls open. The Bird protects earths' best and
rvs.4.7 8 Bird of each rite, skilled in an envoys' duties, knowing both worlds and that which lies between
rvs.4.26 4 Before all birds be ranked this Bird, O Maruts; supreme of falcons be this fleetwinged- Falcon,
rvs.4.26 5 When the Bird brought it, hence in rapid motion sent on the wide path fleet as thought he
rvs.4.26 6 Bearing the stalk, the Falcon speeding onward, Bird bringing from afar the draught that gladdens,
rvs.4.27 Then downward hither fell a flying feather of the Bird hasting forward in his journey.
rvs.5.47 3 Steer, Sea, Red Bird with strong wings, he hath entered the dwellingplace- of the Primeval
rvs.6.48 Let them not snare by day the neck of that Celestial Bird the Sun.
rvs.9.48 4 That each may see the light, the Bird brought us the guard of Law, the Friend
rvs.9.82 3 Parjanya is the Father of the Mighty Bird: on mountains, in earths' centre hath he made his home.
rvs.9.85 Hymns kiss the Youngling worthy of laudation, resting on earth, the Bird of golden colour.
rvs.9.96 19 Hawk seated in the bowls, Bird wideextended-, the Banner seeking kine and wielding weapons,
rvs.10.5 He hides him in the secret couples' bosom. The Bird dwells in the middle of the fountain.
rvs.10.55 6 Strong is the Red Bird in his strength, great Hero, who from of old hath had no nest to dwell in.
rvs.10.123 On thee with wings of gold, Varunas' envoy, the Bird that hasteneth to the home of Yama.
rvs.10.144 4 That the strongpinioned- Bird hath brought, Child of the Falcon, from afar,
rvs.10.177 1. THE sapient with their spirit and their mind behold the Bird adorned with all an Asuras' magic
rvs.10.177 2 The flying Bird bears Speech within his spirit: erst the Gandharva in the womb pronounced it:
rvs.10.189 3 Song is bestowed upon the Bird: it rules supreme through thirty realms

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