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rvs.1.112 6 Wherewith ye rescued Antaka when languishing deep in the pit, and Bhujyu with unfailing help.
rvs.1.112 20 Wherewith ye bring great bliss to him who offers gifts, wherewith ye have protected Bhujyu,
rvs.1.116 3 Yea, Asvins, as a dead man leaves his riches, Tugra left Bhujyu in the cloud of waters.
rvs.1.116 4 Bhujyu ye bore with winged things, Nasatyas, which for three nights, three days full swiftly
rvs.1.116 What time ye carried Bhujyu to his dwelling, borne in a ship with hundred oars, O Asvins.
rvs.1.117 With horses brown of hue that flew with swift wings ye brought back Bhujyu from the sea of billows.
rvs.1.119 4 Ye came to Bhujyu while he struggled in the flood, with flying birds, selfyoked-, ye bore him to
rvs.4.27 4 The Falcon bore him from heavens' lofty summit as the swift car of Indras' Friend bore Bhujyu.
rvs.6.62 6 So ye, with birds, out of the sea and waters bore Bhujyu, son of Tugra, through the regions.
rvs.7.68 7 What time his wicked friends abandoned Bhujyu, O Asvins, in the middle of the ocean,
rvs.7.69 7 Bhujyu, abandoned in the midst of ocean, ye raised from out the water with your horses,
rvs.10.40 7 To Bhujyu and to Vasa ye come near with help, O Asvins, to Sinjara and to Usana.
rvs.10.65 12 O Asvins, ye delivered Bhujyu from distress, ye animated Syava, Vadhrmatis' son.
rvs.10.143 5 Ye Twain to Bhujyu tossed about in ocean at the regions' end,

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