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rvs.1.58 6 The Bhrgus established thee among mankind for men, like as a treasure, beauteous, easy to invoke;
rvs.1.120 5 Forth go the hymn that shone in Ghosa Bhrgus' like, the song wherewith the son of Pajra worships
rvs.1.127 7 Even as they who sang forth hymns, addressed to heaven, the Bhrgus with their prayer and praise
rvs.1.127 invited him, the Bhrgus rubbing, offering gifts.
rvs.1.143 Him, Allpossessor-, whom the Bhrgus with their might brought to earths' central point, the centre
rvs.2.4 2 Bhrgus who served him in the home of waters set him of old in houses of the living.
rvs.3.2 The Bhrgus' bounty, willing, strong with sages' lore, even Agni shining forth with light that
rvs.3.5 When, far from Bhrgus, Matarisvan kindled the oblationbearer- where he lay in secret.
rvs.4.7 Whom Apnavana, and the Bhrgus caused to shine brightcoloured- in the wood, spreading from home to
rvs.4.16 20 Now, as the Bhrgus wrought a car, for Indra the Strong, the Mighty, we our prayer have
rvs.6.15 2 Whom, welldis- sed, the Bhrgus stablished as a rriend, whom men must glorify, highflaming- in
rvs.7.18 The Bhrgus and the Druhyus quickly listened: friend rescued friend mid the two distant peoples.
rvs.8.3 16 The Bhrgus are like Suns, like Kanvas, and have gained all that their thoughts were bent upon.
rvs.8.6 18 Indra, whatever Yatis and Bhrgus have offered praise to thee,
rvs.8.35 3 With all the Deities, three times eleven, here, in close alliance with the Maruts, Bhrgus,
rvs.9.101 As Bhrgus' sons chased Makha, so drive ye the greedy hound away.
rvs.10.14 6 Our Fathers are Angirases, Navagvas, Atharvans, Bhrgus who deserve the Soma.
rvs.10.39 14 We have prepared this laud for you, O Asvins, and, like the Bhrgus, as a car have framed it,
rvs.10.46 Wise Bhrgus, yearning in their hearts, pursued him, and found him lurking where the floods are
rvs.10.46 9 That Agni, him whom Heaven and Earth engendered, the Waters. Tvastar, and with might, the Bhrgus,
rvs.10.92 Atharvan first by sacrifices made men sure: through skill the Bhrgus were esteemed of all as Gods.
rvs.10.122 The Maruts in the votarys' house adorned thee; with lauds the Bhrgus gave thee light and glory.

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