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rvs.2.7 1. VASU, thou most youthful God, Bharata, Agni, bring us wealth,
rvs.2.7 5 Ours art thou, Agni, Bharata, honoured by us with barren cows,
rvs.2.36 Sitting on sacred grass, ye Sons of Bharata, drink Soma from the Potars' bowl, O Men of heaven.
rvs.3.53 24 These men, the sons of Bharata, O Indra, regard not severance or close connexion.
rvs.4.25 4 To him shall Agni Bharata give shelter: long shall he look upon the Sun uprising-,
rvs.5.54 Ye give the Bharata as his strength, a charger, and ye bestow a king who quickly listens.
rvs.6.16 4 Thee, too, hath Bharata of old, with mighty men, implored for bliss.
rvs.6.16 19 Agni, the Bharata, hath been sought, the Vrtraslayer-, marked of all,

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