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rvs.1.59 7 Vaisvanara, dwelling by his might with all men, farshining-, holy mid the Bharadvajas,
rvs.6.10 Fair hymns hadst thou among the Bharadvajas, and holpest them to gain abundant vigour.
rvs.6.23 10 While Soma flowed, thus Indra hath been lauded, Ruler of nobles, mid the Bharadvajas,
rvs.6.25 Singing, at morn may we find thee with favour, yea, Indra, and even now, we Bharadvajas.
rvs.6.35 Send food to swell the milchcow- good at milking: bright be its shine among the Bharadvajas.
rvs.6.47 25 Thus Srjayas' son honoured the Bharadvajas, recipients of all noble gifts and bounty.
rvs.6.48 Kindled, Most Youthful One! by Bharadvajas' hand, shine on us, O pure God, with wealth, shine,
rvs.6.51 12 Come now, O Gods, to your celestial station: the Bharadvajas' priest entreats your favour.

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