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rvs.1.53 Thou madest Kutsa, Atithigva, Ayu, subject unto this King, the young, the mighty.
rvs.1.162 1. SLIGHT us not Varuna, Aryaman, or Mitra, Rbhuksan, Indra, Ayu, or the Maruts,
rvs.2.14 Who quelled the valiant men of Atithigva, Kutsa, and Ayu, bring to him the Soma.
rvs.5.41 2 May Mitra, Varuna, Aryaman, and Ayu, Indra Rbhuksan, and the Maruts, love us,
rvs.6.18 Laidest low Kutsa, Ayu, Atithigva, and boldly didst deliver Turvayana.
rvs.8.15 5 Wherewith thou also foundest lights for Ayu and for Manus' sake:
rvs.8.96 As, Indra, thou didst love the hymn by Tritas' side, so dost thou joy with Ayu now.
rvs.8.97 2 Thou who subduedst Ayu, Kutsa, Atithigva, waxing daily in thy might,
rvs.10.17 4 May Ayu, giver of all life, protect thee, and bear thee forward on the distant pathway.

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