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rvs.1.45 As Priyamedha erst was heard, Atri, Virupa, Angiras.
rvs.1.51 3 Thou hast disclosed the kines' stall for the Angirases, and made a way for Atri by a hundred
rvs.1.112 16 Wherewith, O Heroes, ye vouchsafed deliverance to Sayu, Atri, and to Manu long ago;
rvs.1.116 Atri, cast downward in the cavern, Asvins ye brought, with all his people, forth to comfort.
rvs.1.117 3 Ye freed sage Atri, whom the Five Tribes honoured, from the strait pit, ye Heroes with his
rvs.1.118 7 To Atri, cast down to the fire that scorched him, ye gave, O Asvins, strengthening food and
rvs.1.139 9 Dadhyac of old, Angiras, Priyamedha these, and Kanva, Atri, Manu knew my birth, yea, those of
rvs.1.180 4 Ye made the fierce heat to be full of sweetness for Atri at his wish, like streaming water.
rvs.1.183 5 Gotama, Purumilha, Atri bringing oblations all invoke you for protection.
rvs.2.8 5 Him Atri, Agni, have our songs Strengthened according to his sway:
rvs.5.2 So may the prayers of Atri give him freedom. Reproached in turn be those who now reproach him.
rvs.5.4 Praised with our homage even as Atri praised thee, O Agni, be the guardian of our bodies.
rvs.5.7 8 For him, to whom, bright as an axe he, as to Atri, hath flashed forth,
rvs.5.7 Agni, may Atri overcome the Dasyus who bestow no gifts, subdue the men who give no food.
rvs.5.15 Thou, like a thief who keeps his refuge secret, hast holpen Atri to great wealth, by teaching.
rvs.5.22 1. LIKE Atri, Visvasaman! sing to him of purifying light,
rvs.5.40 HYMN XL. Indra. Surya. Atri. 40
rvs.5.40 By his fourth sacred prayer Atri disoovered Surya concealed in gloom that stayed his function.
rvs.5.40 7 Let not the oppressor with this dread, through anger swallow me up, for I am thine, O Atri.
rvs.5.40 8 The Brahman Atri, as he set the pressstones-, serving the Gods with praise and adoration,
rvs.5.51 Agni, as erst with Atri, so enjoy the juice.
rvs.5.51 Agni, as erstwith Atri, so enjoy the juice.
rvs.5.51 10 Associate with Vasus, with Adityas, Indra, Viyu, come, Agni as erst with Atri, so enjoy the
rvs.5.72 1 To Varuna and Mitra we offer with songs, as Atri did. Sit on the sacred grass to drink the Soma
rvs.5.73 6 Atri bethinks himself of you, O Heroes, with a friendly mind,
rvs.5.73 When by your great deeds, Asvins, Chiefs, Atri is brought to us again.
rvs.5.74 Hear this, ye excellent as Steers: Atri inviteth you to come.
rvs.5.78 4 As Atri when descending to the cavern called on you loudly like a wailing woman.
rvs.6.50 As from great darkness ye delivered Atri, protect us, Chiefs, from danger in the conflict.
rvs.7.68 5 The nourishment ye have is, truly, wondrous: ye gave thereof a quickening store to Atri,
rvs.7.71 Ye rescued Atri from distress and darkness, and loosed for Jahusa the bonds that bound him.
rvs.8.5 Atri, Sinjara, Asvins Twain
rvs.8.36 7 Hear thou Syavasva while he pours to thee, as erst thou heardest Atri when he wrought his holy
rvs.8.37 7 Hear thou Syavasva while he sings to thee, as erst thou heardest Atri when he wrought his holy
rvs.8.42 5 As the sage Atri with his hymns, O Asvins, called you eagerly,
rvs.8.62 7 For Atri ye, O Asvins, made a dwellingplace- to shield him well,
rvs.8.62 8 Ye warded off the fervent heat for Atri when he sweetly spake:
rvs.10.39 Freed Saptavadhri, and for Atri caused the pit heated with fire to be a pleasant restingplace-.
rvs.10.80 Agni saved Atri in the fiery cavem, and made Nrmedha rich with troops of children.
rvs.10.143 1. YE made that Atri, worn with eld, free as a horse to win the goal.
rvs.10.143 2 Ye freed that Atri like a horse, and brought him newlyborn- to earth.
rvs.10.143 3 Heroes who showed most wondrous power to Atri, strive to win fair songs;
rvs.10.150 5 Atri and Bharadvaja and Gavisthira, Kanva and Trasadasyu, in our fight he helped.

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