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rvs.1.108 6 As first I said when choosing you, in battle we must contend with Asuras for this Soma.
rvs.1.122 With Dyaus the Asuras' Heroes I have lauded the Maruts as with prayer to Earth and Heaven.
rvs.1.151 4 The people prospers, Asuras! whom ye dearly love: ye, Righteous Ones, proclaim aloud the Holy
rvs.2.30 4 As with a bolt, Brhaspati, fiercely flaming, pierce thou Vrkadvaras', the Asuras', heroes.
rvs.3.29 Giving delight each day he closeth not his eye, since from the Asuras' body hewas brought to life.
rvs.3.38 That is the Bulls', the Asuras' mighty figure: he, omniform, hath reached the eternal waters.
rvs.3.53 7 Bounteous are these, Angirases, Virupas: the Asuras' Heroes and the Sons of Heaven.
rvs.3.56 8 Three are the bright realms, best, beyond attainment, and three, the Asuras' Heroes, rule as
rvs.5.10 The might of Asuras rests on thee, like Mitra worshipful in act.
rvs.5.40 5 O Surya, when the Asuras' descendant Svarbhanu, pierced thee through and through with darkness,
rvs.5.40 Of Asuras had pierced with gloom. This none besides had power to do.
rvs.5.49 2 Knowing full well the Asuras' time of coming, worship God Savitar with hymns and praises.
rvs.5.63 Ye wait on thunder with the manytinted- clouds, and by the Asuras' magic power cause Heaven to
rvs.5.63 7 Wise, with your Law and through the Asuras' magic power ye guard the ordinances, MitraVaruna-.
rvs.7.36 2 O Asuras, O Varuna and Mitra, this hymn to you, like food, anew I offer.
rvs.7.65 2 For they are Asuras of Gods, the friendly make, both of you, our lands exceeding fruitful.
rvs.8.25 4 Great Varuna and Mitra, Gods, Asuras and imperial Lords,
rvs.8.27 20 Or, Asuras, when ye have sheltered the worshipper who goes to sacrifice, at eve
rvs.8.85 Weaponless are the Asuras, the godless: scatter them with thy wheel, Impetuous Hero.
rvs.8.86 1. O INDRA, Lord of Light, what joys thou broughtest from the Asuras,
rvs.9.71 2 Strong, bellowing, he goes, like one who slays the folk; he lets this hue of Asuras flow off
rvs.10.31 By his support they are maintained in common who in the Asuras' mansion dwell together.
rvs.10.82 5 That which is earlier than this earth and heaven, before the Asuras and Gods had being,
rvs.10.124 5 These Asuras have lost their powers of magic. But thou, O Varuna, if thou dost love me,
rvs.10.151 3 Even as the Deities maintained Faith in the mighty Asuras,
rvs.10.157 4 As when the Gods came, after they had slaughtered the Asuras, keeping safe their Godlike nature,
rvs.10.170 He rose, a light, that kills Vrtras and enemies, best slayer of the Dasyus, Asuras, and foes.
rvs.10.177 1. THE sapient with their spirit and their mind behold the Bird adorned with all an Asuras' magic

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