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rvs.5.43 6 Bring by Godtraversed- paths, accordant, Agni, the great Aramati, Celestial Lady,
rvs.7.34 21 May Tvastar find our hymn acceptable, and may Aramati, seeking wealth, be ours.
rvs.7.36 8 Bring ye the great Aramati before you, and Pusan as the Hero of the synod,
rvs.7.42 Bring the Gods hither, thou of many aspects: turn hitherward Aramati the Holy.
rvs.8.31 12 Aramati, and, free from foes, Visva with spirit of a God,
rvs.10.64 15 This invocation wins all good that we desire Brhaspati, highlypraised- Aramati, are here,
rvs.10.92 5 Onward, with everroaming- Rudra, speed the floods: over Aramati the Mighty have they run.

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