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rvs.1.105 This Trta Aptya knoweth well, and speaketh out for brotherhood. Mark this my woe, ye Earth and
rvs.5.41 May holy Aptya, Friend of man, exalted, strengthen our word for ever and be near us.
rvs.8.47 The whole thereof remove from us to Trita Aptya far away.
rvs.8.47 Remove, O Lady of the Light, to Trita Aptya far away.
rvs.8.47 The whole bad dream, whatever it be, to Trita Aptya we consign.
rvs.8.47 So unto Aptya we transfer together all the evil dream.
rvs.10.8 8 Wellskilled- to use the weapons of his Father, Aptya, urged on by Indra, fought the battle.
rvs.10.120 6 Worthy of praises, manyshaped-, most skilful, most energetic, Aptya of the Aptyas:

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