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rvs.1.51 3 Thou hast disclosed the kines' stall for the Angirases, and made a way for Atri by a hundred
rvs.1.62 Through whom our sires, Angirases, singing praises and knowing well the places, found the cattle.
rvs.1.62 3 When Indra and the Angirases desired it, Sarama found provision for her offspring.
rvs.1.62 5 Praised by Angirases, thou, foedestroyer-, hast, with the Dawn, Sun, rays, dispelled the
rvs.1.71 2 Our sires with lauds burst even the firmset- fortress, yea, the Angirases, with roar, the
rvs.1.83 4 First the Angirases won themselves vital power, whose fires were kindled through good deeds and
rvs.1.100 4 Among Angirases he was the chiefest, a Friend with friends, mighty amid the mighty.
rvs.1.107 2 By praisesongs- of Angirases exalted, may the Gods come to us with their protection.
rvs.1.112 18 Wherewith, Angirases! ye triumphed in your heart, and onward went to liberate the flood of milk;
rvs.1.121 3 Lord of red dawns, he came victorious, daily to the Angirases' former invocation.
rvs.1.127 2 We, sacrificing, call on thee best worshipper, the eldest of Angirases, Singer, with hymns,
rvs.1.132 4 So now must thy great deed be lauded as of old, when for the Angirases thou openedst the stall,
rvs.1.139 When, O ye Deities, ye gave that Milchcow- to the Angirases,
rvs.2.11 Indra sent forth his whirling wheel like Surya, and aided by the Angirases rent Vala.
rvs.2.15 8 Praised by the Angirases he slaughtered Vala, and burst apart the bulwarks of the mountain.
rvs.2.17 1. LIKE the Angirases, sing this new song forth to him, for, as in ancient days, his mighty powers
rvs.2.20 5 He, Indra whom the Angirases' praise delighted, strengthened their prayer and made their goings
rvs.3.53 7 Bounteous are these, Angirases, Virupas: the Asuras' Heroes and the Sons of Heaven.
rvs.4.2 May we, Angirases, be sons of Heaven, and, radiant, burst the wealthcontaining- mountain.
rvs.4.3 11 By Law the Angirases cleft the rock asunder, and sang their hymns together with the cattle.
rvs.4.16 Hymned by Angirases, bursting the cowstalls-, much strength thou foundest for us as our leader.
rvs.5.11 6 O Agni, the Angirases discovered thee what time thou layest hidden, fleeing back from wood to
rvs.5.45 8 When at the dawning of this mighty Goddess, Angirases all sang forth with the cattle,
rvs.6.11 When the Angirases' sagest Sage, the Poet, sings the sweet measure at the solemn service.
rvs.6.17 Unbarred the firm doors for the kine of Morning, and, with the Angirases, set free the cattle.
rvs.6.18 5 Be this our ancient bond of friendship with you and with Angirases here who speak of Vala.
rvs.6.35 Him who gives pure gifts may I praise unceasing. Sage, quicken the Angirases by devotion.
rvs.6.65 5 O Dawn who standest on the mountain ridges, Angirases now praise thy stalls of cattle.
rvs.7.42 1. LET Brahmans and Angirases come forward, and let the roar of cloudy heaven surround us.
rvs.7.44 Closely allied with Surya and with Morning, Adityas, and Angirases, and Vasus.
rvs.7.52 3 The everprompt- Angirases, imploring riches from Savitar the God, obtained them.
rvs.7.75 She hath uncovered fiends and hateful darkness; best of Angirases, hath waked the pathways.
rvs.7.79 Daughter of Heaven, a Goddess, she distributes, best of Angirases, treasures to the pious.
rvs.8.14 8 Showing the hidden he drave forth the cows for the Angirases,
rvs.8.35 14 With Visnu and the Angirases attending you, and with the Maruts come unto your praisers' call.
rvs.8.40 12 Thus have we sung anew to IndraAgni-, as sang our sires, Angirases, and Mandhatar.
rvs.8.52 3 Indra who knew full well disclosed the kine to the Angirases.
rvs.9.62 O Indu, for the Angirases.
rvs.9.86 Farsighted- Soma, now thou lookest on mankind: thou didst unbar the cowstall for the Angirases.
rvs.10.14 4 Come, seat thee on this bed of grass, O Yama, in company with Angirases and Fathers.
rvs.10.14 5 Come, Yama, with the Angirases the Holy, rejoice thee here with children of Virupa.
rvs.10.14 6 Our Fathers are Angirases, Navagvas, Atharvans, Bhrgus who deserve the Soma.
rvs.10.62 Even to you be happiness, Angirases. Welcome the son of Manu, ye who are most wise.
rvs.10.62 A lengthened life be yours, O ye Angirases. Welcome the son of Manu, ye who are most wise.
rvs.10.62 Fair wealth of progeny be yours, Angirases. Welcome the son of Manu, ye who are most wise.
rvs.10.62 High Brahman dignity be yours, Angirases. Welcome the son of Manu, ye who are most wise.
rvs.10.62 These are the sons of Angirases: from Agni have they sprung to life.
rvs.10.67 Angirases, holding the rank of sages, first honoured sacrifices' holy statute.
rvs.10.68 2 The Son of Angirases, meeting the cattle, as Bhaga, brought in Aryaman among us.
rvs.10.70 9 Since thou, God Tvastar, hast made beauty perfect, since hou hast been the Angirases' Companion,
rvs.10.78 Like waters speeding on with their precipitous floods, like omniform Angirases with Samahymns-.
rvs.10.108 8 Rsis will come inspirited with Soma, Angirases unwearied, and Navagvas.
rvs.10.108 10 Brotherhood, sisterhood, I know not either: the dread Angirases and Indra know them.
rvs.10.111 4 Praised by Angirases, Indra demolished with might the works of the great watery monster
rvs.10.169 Whom the Angirases produced by Fervour, vouchsafe to these, Parjanya, great protection.

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