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rvs.1.32 11 Guarded by Ahi stood the thralls of Dasas, the waters stayed like kine held by the robber.
rvs.1.103 Maghavan with his puissance struck down Ahi, rent Rauhina to death and slaughtered Vyamsa.
rvs.1.103 7 Well didst thou do that hero deed, O Indra, in waking with thy bolt the slumbering Ahi.
rvs.2.11 5 Hero, thou slewest in thy valour Ahi concealed in depths, mysterious, great enchanter,
rvs.2.13 5 Thou hast created earth to look upon the sky: thou, slaying Ahi, settest free the rivers' paths.
rvs.2.19 2 Cheered by this meath Indra, whose hand wields thunder, rent piecemeal Ahi who barred up the
rvs.2.30 1. THE streams unceasing flow to Indra, slayer of Ahi, Savitar, God, Laws' fulfiller,
rvs.3.32 11 Thou, puissant God, more mighty, slewest. Ahi showing his strength when couched around the
rvs.3.32 O Worshipful, with worship help our worship, for worship helped thy bolt when slaying Ahi.
rvs.3.33 7 That hero deed of Indra must be lauded for ever that he rent Ahi in pieces.
rvs.4.19 Thou slewest Ahi who besieged the waters, and duggest out their allsupporting- channels.
rvs.4.28 Slew Ahi, and sent forth the Seven Rivers, and opened as it were obstructed fountains.
rvs.5.31 The Brahmans with their songs exalting Indra increased his strength that he might slaughter Ahi.
rvs.5.31 7 This is thy deed, even this, Wonderful! Singer! that, slaying Ahi, here thy strength thou
rvs.5.33 Some hero come to us, O Strong as Ahi beauteous in war, to be invoked like Bhaga.
rvs.6.18 14 In thee, O God, the wisest of the Sages, all Gods were joyful when thou slewest Ahi.
rvs.6.30 Thou slewest Ahi who besieged the waters, and lettest loose the streams to hurry seaward.
rvs.8.82 Slew Vrtra and smote Ahi dead.
rvs.10.64 May AjaEkapad- with Rkvans swift to hear, and Ahi of the Deep listen unto our call.
rvs.10.67 Slain Ahi, and set free the Seven Rivers. O Heaven and Earth, with all the Gods protect us.
rvs.10.96 That iron bolt with yellow jaw smote Ahi down. A thousand flames had he who bore the tawnyhued-.

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