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rvs.1.44 8 At dawn of day, at night, Usas and Savitar, the Asvins, Bhaga, Agnis' self:
rvs.1.97 5 As everconquering- Agnis' beams of splendour go to every side,
rvs.1.128 with Agnis' roar, boons gladdening for the active One,
rvs.2.8 1. Now praise, as one who strives for strength, the harnessing of Agnis' car,
rvs.2.8 6 May we with Agnis', Indras' help, with Somas', yea, of all the Gods,
rvs.2.25 Like Agnis' blazing rush he may not be restrained, whomever Brahmanaspati takes for his friend.
rvs.3.26 6 We, band on band and troop following troop, entreat with fair lauds Agnis' splendour and the
rvs.5.2 10 Loud in the heaven above be Agnis' roarings with keenedged- weapons to destroy the demons.
rvs.5.6 6 These Agnis in the seats of the fire nourish each thing most excellent.
rvs.5.13 2 Eager for wealth, we meditate Agnis' effectual praise today-,
rvs.5.25 7 The mightiest song is Agnis': shine on high, thou who art rich in light.
rvs.5.51 And drink the draught with Agnis' tongue.
rvs.6.6 Agnis' fierce flame is like a heros' onset: dread and resistless he destroys the forests.
rvs.7.36 With lofty ridges earth is far extended, and Agnis' flame hath lit the spacious surface.
rvs.7.88 2 And now, as I am come before his presence, I take the face of Varuna for Agnis'.
rvs.8.7 32 The Kanvas sing forth Agnis' praise together with our Maruts? who
rvs.8.12 Hath swelled like oil of sacrifice in Agnis' mouth.
rvs.8.28 2 Varuna, Mitra, Aryaman, Agnis, with Consorts, sending boons,
rvs.8.38 10 Indras' and Agnis' grace I claim, Sarasvatis' associates
rvs.8.40 4 Nabhakalike-, with sacred song Indras' and Agnis' praise I sing,
rvs.8.40 By Indras' and by Agnis' hest, flowing away, the rivers, run which they released from their
rvs.10.15 11 Fathers whom Agnis' flames have tasted, come ye nigh: ye kindly leaders, take ye each your
rvs.10.36 12 In great enkindled Agnis' keeping, and, for bliss, free from all sin before Mitra and Varuna.
rvs.10.80 Agni hath made oblations rise to heaven: to every place are Agnis' laws extended.
rvs.10.80 Stablished in holy oil is Agnis' pasture, on the Gandharva path of Law and Order.

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