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rvs.1.117 Glorified by Agastya with devotion, established Vispala again, Nasatyas.
rvs.1.170 3 Agastya, brother, why dost thou neglect us, thou who art our friend?
rvs.1.179 6 Agastya thus, toiling with strong endeavour, wishing for children, progeny and power,
rvs.1.180 Agastya, famous among mortal heroes, roused with a thousand lauds like sounds of music.
rvs.1.184 Come to our house for us and for our children, rejoicing, O Nasatyas, in Agastya.
rvs.7.33 Thy one and only birth was then, Vasistha, when from thy stock Agastya brought thee hither.
rvs.8.5 26 And Amsu in decisive fight, Agastya in the fray for kine.

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