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rvs.2.14 4 Him who did Urana to death, Adhvaryus! though showing arms ninetyandnine— in number;
rvs.2.14 10 As the cows' udder teems with milk, Adhvaryus, so fill with Soma Indra, liberal giver.
rvs.2.16 Strong are the two Adhvaryus, strong are both the stones. They press the Soma that is strong for
rvs.2.37 1. Enjoy thy fill of meath out of the Hotars' cup: Adhvaryus he desires a full draught poured for
rvs.3.7 7 Seven holy singers guard with five Adhvaryus the Birds' beloved firmlysettled- station.
rvs.3.35 Accept the sacrificial gift, O Sakra, from the Adhvaryus' hand or from the Hotars'.
rvs.3.46 This they send forth to thee, this, vigorous Hero! Adhvaryus purify for thee to drink of.
rvs.5.31 The creaking stone is laid upon the altar, and the Adhvaryus come to turn it quickly.
rvs.5.43 3 Adhvaryus, make the sweet libations ready, and bring the beautiful bright juice to Vayu.
rvs.7.2 Calling him to the spotted grass, oilsprinkled-, adorn him, ye Adhvaryus, with oblation.
rvs.7.103 And these Adhvaryus, sweating with their kettles, come forth and show themselves, and none are
rvs.9.97 Him the Adhvaryus, paired and eager, follow, leaders of sacrifice and skilfulhanded-.
rvs.10.17 Or from the Adhvaryus' purifying filter, I offer thee with heart and cry of Vasat!
rvs.10.30 2 Adhvaryus, he ye ready with oblations,, and come with longing to the longing Waters,
rvs.10.30 3 Go to the reservoir, O ye Adhvaryus worship the Waters Child with your oblations.
rvs.10.30 In heart accordant and in wish oneminded- are the Adhvaryus and the heavenly Waters.
rvs.10.30 Bearing the wellpressed- Soma juice to Indra, they harmonize in spirit with Adhvaryus.
rvs.10.30 14 Rich, they are come with wealth for living beings, O friends, Adhvaryus, seat them in their
rvs.10.30 Adhvaryus, press the Soma juice for Indra so will the service of the Gods be easy.
rvs.10.52 Asvins, each day yours is the Adhvaryus' duty: Brahman and wood are here: itis yours to offer.

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