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rvs.3.53 3 Adhvaryu, sing we both; sing thou in answer: make we a laud acceptable to Indra.
rvs.4.6 4 When sacred grass is strewn and Agni kindled, the Adhvaryu rises to, his task rejoicing.
rvs.6.41 Drink thou; the Adhvaryu standeth up before thee: let thy spoilwinning- thunderbolt attend thee.
rvs.6.42 4 To him, Adhvaryu! yea, to him give offerings of the juice expressed.
rvs.6.44 13 Adhvaryu, hero, bring to mighty Indra, for he is King thereofthe- pressedout- juices;
rvs.8.32 24 Now to the Hero fair of cheek, Adhvaryu, pour the Soma forth:
rvs.10.30 Go thou unto those Waters, O Adhvaryu, and purify with herbs what thou infusest.
rvs.10.41 3 If to the deft Adhvaryu with the meath in hand, or to the Kindler firm in strength, the
rvs.10.91 Then thou art his Adhvaryu, Hotar, messenger, callest the Gods and orderest the sacrifice.

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