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Parse is the name I gave to the software (language-parsing engine) that I developed to analyze Mahabharata and similar texts. It can analyze any English text and find out the unique nouns in it, treat each such noun as a keyword and perform a keyword search on the whole text to find all the sentences containing that noun or keyword. It can also generate other information like linking and bonding (affinity) of one noun with another noun. It can also show the spectral signature of a noun, across various volumes of the text.

It parses the text, identify words, sentences, sections (chapters) of each book(volume) of Mahabharata and then links all of them as words belonging to sentences belonging to sections belonging to books (parvas). Then it identifies the unique nouns and counts how many times each noun is repeated in each book of Mahabharata. It then searches for all instances of a single noun. It also searches how each noun is linked with other neighboring nouns in the text, what is the strength of the links between the nouns. Thus it creates a network of nouns found in Mahabharata. When visualized it looked like a giant cob-web of nouns with each noun forming a node in the form of a sphere, with several or single link(s) radiating out of each noun-sphere connecting with other noun-spheres. It then dumps all the data generated as wiki-dot formatted text files.

A wiki-dot page dedicated to a noun is logically equivalent to a single noun-sphere in the network of nouns. Each (html) link in the wiki-dot pages is equivalent to a single link that radiate out of a noun-sphere and connect with another noun-sphere. All such wiki-pages (7500 plus) together becomes then equivalent to the network of nouns. Hyper-text feature is needed to represent this form of information properly. Only a wiki can represent all the complex interlinking between the nouns.

Parse software can also wikify huge texts like Mahabharata, into 2000 plus pages and 200,000 plus hyper-links. This is how I created the whole of the Mahabharata Wiki in this web-site.

Thus these wiki-pages that I created for each of the Mahabharata nouns serve as a representation-tool for the data generated by the Parse software.

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